A Perfect Day for Caribou – Director Jeff Rutherford

A Perfect Day for Caribou tells the story of just one day in the life of Herman (Jeb Berrier), Nate (Charlie Plummer), and Ralph. Herman is an alcoholic with a depleted appetite for life. It’s early morning as Herman speaks into a tape recorder, dictating a final message to his estranged son, Nate. As he rambles on about the last Caribou herd in North America, his mobile phone rings – it’s Nate, all these years later. Nate is an anxious young father reckoning with his past so he might move further into the future. That afternoon, they meet up at a cemetery on the edge of an unknown town. Nate brings his own boy along, a six year old named Ralph, who carelessly plays and runs around in the distance as Herman and Nate stumble through ten years worth of conversation. They navigate hills and valleys, forests and open plains. All the while, in an uneven and awkward pattern, they attempt to connect with one another. A Perfect Day for Caribou tells the story of just one day in the life of Herman, Nate, and Ralph. Director, producer and writer Jeff Rutherford (My Mother is a Fish, Rainbow Pie) joins us to talk about the orgin story that inspired the film, working with the outstanding lead actors in the film, Charlie Plummer (King Jack, Lean on Pete) and Jeb Berrier (Documentary Now!, Portlandia) and choosing to go black and white.


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“A surprisingly powerful and deeply moving portrait of three generations of broken men” – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, AWFJ.org

“[A] tender, affectingly reserved first feature…” Guy Lodge, Variety