Diamond on Vinyl, director J. R. Hughto

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Henry’s fiancee Beth kicks him out after discovering his audio recordings of their intimate life and his confession that he may no longer love her. A chance meeting with Charlie, a headstrong young photographer, allows Henry to act out his obsession with creating the perfect interaction: spontaneous, rehearsed, both fixed and changeable. Charlie and Henry’s recordings of imagined conversations become a dangerous game where intimacy and identity may be both real and imagined. Diamond on Vinyl director, writer, producer J. R. Hughto joins us to talk his fascinating film and the role trust, love and the inability to communicate with one another plays in our lives.

“…few other recent films crackle with an intensity that echo back to the darkly cloaked pulp writings of David Goodis, or recall cinematic classics such as The Conversation or Blow Out in their social-psychological labyrinths. Provocative and meditative stuff to be sure.” – Ben Umstead, Twitch Film

“A deeply layered, rewarding contemplation… subtle but emotionally devastating at the same time.” – Mark Bell, Film Threat

 “A tautly wound script… Kinski brings both an inquisitive guilelessness and a determined quest for control to her role. Hughto weds his filmmaking technique to the narrative’s spine, working with sound designer Ugo Derouard to create a complex and often unsettling soundscape.” – Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

“One of the most innovative independent offerings up at the Slamdance Film Festival this week….reminiscent of the honesty of indie pioneer “Sex, Lies & Videotape” cut with a dose of lo-fi voyeurism, the film has a marked beauty and is weighted with intrigue.” – Celebs.com

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