How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), Director Josh Kim

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headlines this striking debut feature from Korean-American writer-director Josh Kim. As the now grown Oat, he recalls his childhood experience of trying to rescue his gay older brother Ek from being drafted into military service. As Ek grapples with the gritty realities of life in Bangkok – working at a bar for male hustlers and sex-workers – he has also found love with his more privileged boyfriend Jai. When the moment of truth arrives with the draft lottery these 21-year-olds must draw either a black or a red slip to possibly be conscripted into the armed forces. Director-writer Josh Kim stops by to talk about compassionate and insightful tale on brotherly love.

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Thailand’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film to the 2016 Academy Awards

“A winning drama about loss of innocence.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Deeply felt tale of fraternal bonds splintered by social inequality reps a confident feature-length debut for the Texas-born Kim, who brings both non-native objectivity and a traveler’s eye for geographic detail to the pic’s earthy Bangkok setting.” – Variety

“One of the year’s best Thai movies…heart-warming, bittersweet tale of orphaned brothers growing up.”- The Nation

“The film has an elegiac tone, shot in warm hazy light that captures both Thailand’s vivid natural beauty and its stark poverty… It’s gritty without being exploitative, and as a story that treads a line between incendiary subjects it is admirable in its restraint.” – Eye for Film 

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