An Honest Liar, featuring James “The Amazing” Randi

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AN HONEST LIAR is a feature documentary about truth and deception and the life of world-famous magician, escape artist and master skeptic, James ‘The Amazing’ Randi. The film brings to life Randi’s intricate investigations that publicly exposed psychics, faith healers, and con artists with quasi-religious fervor. A master deceiver who came out of the closet at the age of 81, Randi created fictional characters, fake psychics, and even turned his partner of 25 years, the artist Jose Alvarez, into a sham guru named Carlos. But when a shocking revelation in Randi’s personal life is discovered, it isn’t clear whether Randi is still the deceiver – or the deceived. AN HONEST LIAR is a story of cons and deceptions perpetrated for both good and evil. The film follows the life of James “The Amazing” Randi, a world-renowned magician, escape artist and master of deception who has entertained and educated the world for over 50 years. “The Amazing” Randi himself stops by Film School to talk about his life as a conjurer and what it means to be true to oneself.


Los Angeles, CA, Nuart Theatre
: Friday and Saturday, March 6 and 7 for a Q&A after the 7:30pm show and intro to the 9:50pm show:
 Co-director Tyler Measom.

New York, NY, Sunshine Cinema: 
Friday, March 6 for a Q&A after the 7:10pm show and intro to the 9:45pm show; Saturday, March 7 for Q&As after the 2:30pm and 7:10pm shows and intro to the 9:45pm show; and Sunday, March 8 for a Q&A after the 12:20pm show: 
Film subject James “The Amazing” Randi and co-director Justin Weinstein.

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“Bounces along enjoyably on a sea of archival clips from Randi’s high-profile career, with latter-day input from numerous celebrity pals (and at least one famous foe).” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Directors Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein turn a standard bio-doc about an extraordinary man into a rumination on the blurred line between trickery and truth.” – Ariel Teplitsky, Toronto Star

“Intriguing stuff.” – David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

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