Days of Power, Producer Michel Grey

Days of Power tells the story of a Swiss pop star , Milow the Girl, (Jenny Hutton) the who disappears while on tour, along with her assistant, backup singer, and drummer; they find themselves kidnapped, hidden within a concealed puppy mill industry. The film, written and produced by Michel Grey (“Trinity Rising,” “Foreclosure Dogs,” and “Beyond The Bombs”), and the directorial debut from Jason Pagnoni, was inspired by actual events.  The film has received incredible support from multiple rescue groups and animal rights organizations around the country including: Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs, Pacc911, Paws New England, Barcs, Faithful Friends Animal Society, and SPCA of Tennessee. Days of Power stars: Oscar®-nominee Eric Roberts (“The Dark Knight,” “Runaway Train”), Eliza Roberts (“Animal House,” “Doctor Who”), Simone Reyes (”Running Russell Simmons,” “Cemetery High”), award-winner Jenny Hutton (“Boderna Fluff,” “Forgotten Kingdom: Genesis”), award-winning musician/actors Paul Lewis (“Radio Gods,” “Foreclosure Dogs”) and Keaton Simons (“The Legends of Nethiah,” “Feast”). Writer and producer Michel Grey joins us for a conversation on modern horror filmmaking and the hidden scourge of puppy mills.


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