The God Cells, Director Eric Merola

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Director Eric Merola’s THE GOD CELLS explores one of the most controversial and polarizing subjects facing mankind today: the harvesting of stem cells from aborted fetuses to be used for therapeutic use. Currently, the clinical practice fetal stem cell therapy is illegal in the United States, but research toward seeking FDA-approval has been underway for more than a decade. Stem Cell research and therapy have been growing at a rapid rate over the past 15 years. Scientific advances coupled with consumer demand has proven that stem cell therapy is the wave of the future, and is poised to change the face of medicine. THE GOD CELLS takes the audience on a journey by following those who are seeking fetal stem cell therapy abroad—while avoiding these seemingly insurmountable roadblocks at home. THE GOD CELLS follows patients from all walks of life who sought fetal stem cells for a variety of reasons: including Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Lupus and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Also included are interviews with some of the patients’ doctors, who were once highly skeptical, but now stand baffled by the full remissions their patients have achieved due to fetal stem cells. In addition to THE GOD CELLS  Merola’s other documentaries, Burzynski (2010-2013), and Second Opinion have received rave reviews by the mainstream press with the New York Daily News saying: “Though a documentary, it’s dramatic enough to be reminiscent of ‘The Insider,’ the whistleblowing thriller about Big Tobacco.” Director Merola stops by to talk about many of the religious, scientific, cultural, financial and political reasons this very promising therapy will have to overturn to become a viable option for people in need.

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Puts heartbreaking faces of very human people into the [stem cell] debate.” – Frank Lovece, Film Journal International

Remains intriguing despite its troublesome issues.“ – Michael Rechtshaffen, LA Times

“The film relies solely on patient testimony to argue for the legalization of the injections. But what it lacks in comprehensive research, it makes up for in fascinating rhetoric. – Amy Brady, Village Voice

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