Only the Dead See the End of War, Director Michael Ware

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Australian journalist Michael Ware arrived in Baghdad in 2003 as a novice reporter on a three-week assignment to cover the invasion of Iraq. He left seven years later, having gained unprecedented access to the Iraqi insurgency and American troops, as well as a myriad of demons – the after-effects of witnessing seemingly endless, horrific violence. Examining the Iraq War and its moral consequences through the story of the rise and fall of jihadi terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the founder of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the progenitor of ISIS, ONLY THE DEAD SEE THE END OF WAR is a harrowing and graphic account from both sides of the war zone, as well as an illuminating window into the origins of a modern terrorist organization. Directed by two-time Oscar® winner Bill Guttentag in collaboration with Michael Ware, won three 2015 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (Australian equivalent of the Academy Awards) including Best Direction in a Documentary and the 2015 Walkley Documentary Award (Australian equivalent of the Pulitzer).  Co-director / journalist / subject Michael Ware joins us for a lively conversation on what motivates him to put himself in such insanely dangerous situations and what he has learned about the consequences and future of the on-going wars in the Middle East.

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