Seymour: An Introduction, Teacher, Musician, and Film Subject, Seymour Bernstein

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Seymour Bernstein started playing the piano as a little boy, and by the time he turned 15 he was teaching it to others. He enjoyed a long and illustrious career as a performer before he gave it up to devote himself to helping others develop their own gifts. While Ethan Hawke’s gentle, meditative study is a warm and lucid portrait of Bernstein and his exceptional life and work, it’s also a love letter to the study of music itself, and a film about the patience, concentration, and devotion that are fundamental to the practice of art. Seymour: An Introduction allows us to spend time with a generous human being who has found balance and harmony through his love of music. Seymour joins us to talk about his life and love of music.

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“Bernstein in action is a study of what a teacher should be: kind but with a steely resolve. He analyzes the music and figures how to overcome its obstacles.” – Leba Hertz, San Francisco Chronicle

“A fondly made portrait … of a gentle philosopher with a wicked wit, a superbly talented pianist who intellectually challenges and charms in equal parts.” – Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

“The movie’s real subject is the difficulty — and the critical importance — of bringing into harmony one’s personal and artistic lives, of being not only a good artist but a joyful one.” – J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

“A life’s wisdom, distilled, conveyed with charm, wit and bracing precision in an understated yet lucid voice. Hawke’s managed to capture the kindest, most no-bullshit guru you’d care to imagine.” – Ray Pride, Newcity

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