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TRAPPED is a compelling and alarming documentary that shines a bright light on the hundreds of state regulations were passed from 2011 to 2013 restricting access to abortion in America. Reproductive rights advocates refer to these as “TRAP” laws, or Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. While these laws have been enacted in states across the country, Southern clinics in particular are now in a fight for survival. In Texas, less than half of the clinics open in 2013 are still functioning. In Alabama, a handful of clinics struggle to keep their doors open. And in Mississippi, just one abortion clinic remains. Clinics are struggling to comply with requirements that the American Medical Association has deemed medically unnecessary. Despite this hostile environment, the doctors, clinic owners and staff refuse to give up. TRAPPED tells the personal stories of those most impacted by these regulatory battles from the physician who crisscrosses the country assuring medical services are still available to the determined women and men who run the clinics and struggle to meet the ever-changing regulations to the lawyers leading the legal charge to eliminate these laws to the women they are all determined to help. The men and women of TRAPPED fight to preserve abortion rights in a country where Roe v. Wade no longer protects a woman’s right to choose. Director, writer and producer Dawn Porter (Gideon’s Army and Spies of Mississippi) stops by to talk about the concerted effort by anti-choice forces determined to eviscerate a woman’s right to determine the fate of her own body.

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Trapped: Will be screening in Los Angels starting March 4th at the The Landmark Los Angeles

“Dawn Porter’s TRAPPED has an almost eerie timing — it examines the existential fight faced by abortion clinics in America.” — Los Angeles Times

“Mixing interviews with the staffs of the surviving clinics with heartbreaking accounts of botched, private abortions, Trapped is a succinct and heart-rending revelation of this complex and controversial subject.” – Duane Byrge, Screen International

“In addition to being instructive, it brims with compassion, leaving viewers with haunting images of women we never even got to see in the first place.” Anne Hornaday, Washington Post

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