Concrete Wedding Cakes: What I Have Learned about Motion Picture Editing and Other Stuff, Editor and Author John Heath

Concrete Wedding Cake 

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In the book Concrete Wedding Cake: What I Have Learned about Motion Picture Editing and Other Stuff, author and editor John Heath has written a concise, practical and clear approach to motion picture editing based on his over thirty years of editing, directing and producing. The book is not overly technical or theoretical, but is a light approachable explanation of what editing is, how to make solid editing choices and the techniques to help make those choices work as well possible. He has also include a section for “directors only,” so that they may have a positive editorial experience. Heath is third generation to the motion picture business. His grandfather was a part of the very beginnings of the film industry in the “Silent Era,” and his father was an editor through the “Golden Age” of Television. He started his career in film editing, and went on to direct and produce. Editing John Heath photosuch dramas as St. Elsewhere, LA Law, and Pickett Fences, comedies such as The Bob Newhart Show, and Major Dad and recently action sci fi series Warehouse 13.  Producing on six series including The Guardian, Chicago Hope, and  Roswell with three Emmy nominations. He has directed episodes of The Guardian, Chicago Hope, and St. Elsewhere. He recently directed the Indie feature Last Night Inn based on the play of the same name which he also directed. He has also done “labors of love” short films Reflections and Mama Doesn’t Know Best.

……..a lively, instructive and highly readable handbook on the are of film editing….

 Excellent! As a long time editor and editing teacher , I highly recommend it .”   Michael Sales

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