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THE ARMOR OF LIGHT tracks Reverend Rob Schenck, an anti-abortion activist and fixture on the political far right, who breaks orthodoxy by taking on his political allies and the NRA when questioning whether being pro-gun is consistent with being pro-life. Rev. Schenck is shocked by the reactions of his long-time friends who warn him away from this complex, politically explosive issue. Along the way, Rev. Schenck meets Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis – an unarmed teenager who was murdered in Florida whose story cast a nationwide spotlight on the “Stand Your Ground” laws. Lucy is on a difficult journey of her own, trying to make sense of her devastating loss while using her grief to effect some kind of viable and effective political action, and she decides to work with Schenck even though she is pro-choice. THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows these unlikely allies through their trials of conscience, heartbreak and rejection as they bravely attempt to make others consider America’s gun culture through a moral lens. Director and Executive Producer Abigail Disney joins us for a conversation about courage, a fractured political culture and whether it is possible for people to find common ground.

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Opens in Southern California on October 30 at the Arclight Theatre, 6360 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles – Laemmle Monica, and the AMC Ontario Mills 30 – 4549 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA

“Emerges as a thoughtful and moving portrait of a man who has risked his status and career to publicly fight for his convictions. Watching him agonize over his decision—at one point he admits to fearing for his life—makes for compelling real-life drama.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Impressive work, especially considering this is her first project.” – Indiewire

“Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” If you are not yet blind, you might want to holster your weapon and see this movie.” – Bashmovies

“ ‘So we need Jesus, the gospel, and a sidearm, right?” (…) That question is raised in a very calm manner, which doesn’t make it any less unsettling.” – Twitch

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