Siddharth, Director Richie Mehta

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After sending away his 12 year-old son Siddharth for work, Mahendra (a chain-wallah who fixes broken zippers on the streets) is relieved – his financial burdens will be alleviated. But when Siddharth fails to return home, Mahendra learns he may have been taken by child-traffickers. With little resources and no connections, he travels across India in pursuit, with the hope that whatever force arbitrarily took his child away will return him unharmed. Director Richie Mehta joins us for a conversation on his chance meeting with a man on the streets of Delhi looking for help finding his son and a place called Dongri.

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“Its portrayal of impoverished, careworn people barking at one another and protecting their territory in a daily struggle is bracingly hardheaded.” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“A disturbing and devastating descent into Third world poverty, exploitation and desperation, more often than not mere backdrop to the social insularity of most other movies. Yet weighing in provocative ways, struggle and exploitation as inevitably bound.” Prairie Miller, WBAI Radio

“For all its scenes of orphans and hardscrabble street life, and its spirit of shrugging helplessness, Siddharth always feels ferociously personal.” Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice

“An achingly personal tale of grief and despair amidst the ironies of the modern world, where almost medieval levels of misery live alongside 21st-century horrors.” Flick Filosopher

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