Code Black, director Ryan McGarry

Code Black posterWhen do ideals die? When do our  hopes fade into the  realities of the system?  For most everyone, we give up at least some of our naïve dreams in the steady march of our daily  grind. But what of doctors, the people entrusted  to help save our lives and protect our health?  What happens when the will to heal and serve meets the  frustrating realities of American health care? Ryan McGarry, a first time filmmaker, who is also a doctor at the hospital, directs the film. He provides a personal account of the residents who train and work at LA County Hospital as they are forced to confront the unexpected realities of life and death in a safety net, and a healthcare system at the brink of overload. Doctor and director McGarry joins us for a lively conversation on seeing his film play at the Los Angeles Film Festival and what can be done to save our failing health care system.

Code Black will premiere at the 2013 Los Angeles International Film Festival – June 13 – 23

Tue, Jun 18th 7:10pm – Only Rush Ticket Available
Fri, Jun 21st 7:10pm – Only Rush Ticket Available
Sat, Jun 22nd 8:30pm – Buy Tickets Now

Code Black website

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