Linoleum – Director Colin West

Cameron Edwin (Jim Gaffigan), the host of a failing children’s science TV show called “Above & Beyond”, has always had aspirations of being an astronaut. After a satellite falls from orbit and crashes into the suburban home of a dysfunctional family in Ohio. The father seizes the opportunity to fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut by re-building it into his own rocket ship. While his wife and daughter believe he’s experiencing a midlife crisis, his relationship with his wife (Rhea Seehorn) and daughter (Katelyn Nacon) start to strain.  A series of surreal events begin unfolding around him — a doppelgänger moving into the house next door, a car falling from the sky, and an unusual teenage boy forging a friendship with him. As Cameron slowly starts to piece these events together to ultimately reveal that there’s more to his life story than he once thought and forcing him to reconsider how interconnected their lives truly are. Director and writer Colin West joins us for a conversation on the inspiration for Linoleum, pulling together a wonderful cast that included, Michael Ina Black, Amy Hargreaves, and Tony Shalhoub, how comedian / actor Jim Gaffigan became the lead in this whimsical and poignant tale about taking chances and living without regret.


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About the filmmaker – Colin West is an award-winning writer & director from the Midwest now based in Los Angeles. His feature film credits include LINOLEUM starring Jim Gaffigan, Rhea Seehorn, Katelyn Nacon, Michael Ian Black and Tony Shalhoub, which world premiered at SXSW Film Festival in 2022 and DOUBLE WALKER co-written by and starring Sylvie Mix, which was released in 2021. He also produced SURVIVAL SKILLS, the Stacy Keach and Vayu O’Donnell lead feature film sponsored by Film Independent. His films have premiered at festivals including SXSW, Fantasia, Cinequest, Raindance, Calgary Film Festival, and The Chicago Underground Film Festival, among many others. He was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Science in Cinema prize at SFIFF in 2022 and was an Annenberg Foundation MFA Fellow at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.


95% on RottenTomatoes

“Jim Gaffigan gives a career-best performance in Linoleum.” – Ethan Anderton, Slashfilm

“Thoughtful performances and earnest (if especially subtle) writing keep the film compelling enough until its final minutes, which are even more startling in their heart-wrenching effectiveness than in their mind-bending twists.” – Angie Han, Hollywood Reporter

“With this film about people trying to find what makes them extraordinary, West has made an extraordinary tale of the personal universes we all inhabit, the strange messiness of life, and the beauty of how everything all shakes out in the end.” – Ross Bonaime, Collider

“Linoleums conclusion is a savvy surprise, one that capitalizes on the investment the audience is sure to make in Cam, his family and his happiness.” – Hope Madden, MaddWolf

“If you want to take a chance on something different, then this is a gem of a Donnie Darko style slice of science-fiction, which asks you to succumb to its strange ways and strap yourselves in for a uniquely triumphant human story.” – Matt Rodgers, Flickering Myth