I Got a Monster – Kevin Abrams

Based on an explosive true story, I GOT A MONSTER retells in highly dramatic fashion one of the nation’s biggest police corruption scandals. In 2017, Baltimore was rocked by the Federal indictment of Wayne Jenkins, a highly decorated super-cop and leader of the Baltimore Police Department’s elite Gun Trace Task Force along with six other members on racketeering charges. In a city plagued by racial tension and violence, plain-clothes detectives from the Gun Trace Task Force had been celebrated for holding the Thin Blue Line, but in fact were terrorizing Baltimore’s Black community. These dirty cops were stealing and reselling millions of dollars of drugs while brazenly planting evidence and falsifying police reports. However, they didn’t plan for a campaigning defense attorney or a secret FBI wiretap operation to end their crime spree and expose decades of criminality inside the police department. I GOT A MONSTER takes viewers around every twist and turn of a real-life cat-and-mouse game where cops are also robbers and those meant to protect our safety turn out to be the ones jeopardizing it. Director Kevin Abrams (Left at the Rio Grande, Indirect Actions) joins us for a conversation on the depth and scope of police corruption within this decorated unit, as well as the havoc that was visited upon people, mostly, people of color, guilty of nothing except being in the wrong place, the flawed rationale behind the formation of “Special” police units and the citizens who stood up to the corruption and intimidation.


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About the filmmaker –  graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a recipient of an MFA in directing from the prestigious American Film Institute, Kevin Abrams has worked in film and television for the past fifteen years. From editing to producing, to sound, to cinematography, Kevin has been involved in programming that has appeared on PBS, Discovery, MTV, ABC, VH1, Animal Planet and a host of other networks. He has worked in editorial on the Emmy-nominated Whale Wars as well as on the Oscar-nominated documentary feature “Daughter of Danang”. In 2006 Kevin founded the multi-media production company Fairtrade Films which has since produced music videos, created video game installations for Disney/Epcot Center, wrote the best-selling video games, “Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction” and “Dirt 3”, and authored the acclaimed graphic novel, “Vendor”. In addition, Fairtrade Films has set-up fiction shows with Landscape Entertainment, Fremantle Entertainment and Kaplan Entertainment. Fairtrade saw the release of their first produced feature, “The Dynamiter” which had its world premiere at the esteemed 2011 Berlin Film Festival and its North American premiere at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Feature Under 500k and Cinematography at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards.  Kevin is currently co-founder and President of Alpine Labs, a full service multimedia production company based in Los Angeles.


100% on RottenTomatoes

“One of the most startling police corruption scandals in a generation.” – The New York Times

“I Got a Monster moves like a rocket, keeping you captivated with the in-depth way it explores what happened in Baltimore and what it means.” – Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat

“This is a slam bang thriller that will leave you breathless as you hear the evidence and experience the difficulties of the few good men.” – Neely Swanson, Easy Reader

“The documentary can feel a little scattered due to its multiple angles, but it remains a fascinating and relevant tale, examining how any criminal justice system built around the idea that cops never lie is ripe for abuse.” – Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

“A glaringly honest recount of one city and its participants that will live in your spirit and psyche long after the credits roll.” – Carla Renata, RogerEbert.com