In Fear, Director Jeremy Lovering

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In Jeremy Lovering’s chilling new film, IN FEAR, a young couple fights to survive one night-turned-nightmare. Driving to a music festival, Tom and Lucy have plans to stay at a countryside hotel. But with hotel signs leading them in circles and darkness falling, they soon become lost in a maze of country roads…and the target of an unknown tormentor.  Reminiscent of vintage psychological thrillers and bolstered by newcomers Iain De Caestecker and Alice Englert in its main roles, IN FEAR plays out in real time and hinges on a claustrophobic, unrelentingly tense visual style. Looking to shed pretense and genuinely scare his actors, Lovering withheld the script and often concealed what was about to happen to the characters. Add a dark forest, and the fear became real. Director Lovering stops by for a conversation on the risk/reward of using young actors and improvised scripting for his debut feature film.

“Grips like a 4×4, even as the escalating tension threatens to spin out of control.” – Nigel Floyd, Time Out

“Crisp camerawork and amplified sound yield paranoia aplenty in this sharp-looking Sundance midnight movie, making it hard to imagine another director getting anywhere near this much mileage out of three actors and a car.” – Peter Debruge, Variety

“A smart, disturbing exercise in anxiety.”  – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian UK

It’s one of the year’s best horror movies, full stop. – Charlotte O’Sullivan, This is London

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