SLOW – Director Marija Kavtaradze

In Marija Kavtaradze’s latest film, SLOW, contemporary dancer Elena meets Dovydas when he is assigned to interpret via sign language in a class she is teaching to deaf youth. Their connection is immediate, kinetic, and frictionless. As they gravitate toward each other, resisting the forces and interventions of their separate daily lives, their bond deepens from platonic to romantic. When Dovydas discloses his asexuality, the couple commits themselves to honoring their individual needs in tandem. As they  continue to weave more tightly together, they struggle to negotiate sacrifice and compromise and are forced to discover the edges of their generosity toward the other. The result is an instantly recognizable dance between self and other, this one choreographed with elegance, grace, and love. The two leads, Greta Grinevičiūtė (Elena) and Kęstutis Cicėnas (Dovydas), conjure up undeniable chemistry that is heartbreakingly complicated, stubborn, and humanizing. Director and writer Marija Kavtaradze’s (Summer Survivors) sophomore feature shows off her fine tuned ability to portray intimacy and psychological exploration through dance, tense quietude, and stunningly singular examination of asexuality. Kavtaradze emphasis on the couple’s physicality and how the inherent limitations of a full physical expression plays out with own unique emotional expectations is superbly realized.


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World Cinema dramatic competition
Directing Award: World Cinema Dramatic
2023 Lithuania’s Official Oscar® Selection for Best International Feature


About the Filmmaker – Born in 1991, film director and scriptwriter Marija Kavtaradze graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Film Directing studies in 2014. Marija’s debut feature film SUMMER SURVIVORS premiered at Toronto IFF in 2018 and did a solid career at the festivals, also sold to Italy, Albania, Latvia, etc. SUMMER SURVIVORS achieved 26k admissions at the domestic box office, which made it the most appreciated independent Lithuanian film in 2019. Her debut film received 3 Lithuanian Film Academy awards. Considered to be one of the most talented upcoming filmmakers in Lithuania, Marija Kavtaradze is now preparing for the release of her second feature film SLOW, which got Producer’s Network prize at When East Meets West and was a part of Berlinale Co-Production Market. 

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96% on RottenTomatoes

“A supremely confident piece of filmmaking that negotiates the tricky terrain of non-typical sexualities with sensitivity, humor, and a refreshing lightness of touch.” ~ SCREEN DAILY

“An involving drama … magnetic performers … give something to the audience that’s really hard to fake: great chemistry.”~ THE FILM VERDICT

“Choreographs and X-rays the feeling of love with extreme sensory delicacy under the bark of the extraordinary of a case of asexuality.” ~ CINEUROPA

“It’s stirring and moving at every turn.” ~ VOX

“Slow is a subtle but impactful film. Moving and beautiful.” ~ FILM INQUIRY

“Slow” announces Kavtaradze as a director with keen insight into human psychology and a true knack for working with actors.” ~ ROGER EBERT.COM