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SUNSHINE SUPERMAN thrusts you into the world of foot-launched human flight with helmet-mounted cameras that allow you to experience the exhilarating plunge firsthand.  A heart-racing documentary portrait, director Marah Strauch’s evocative debut film tells the incredible story of Carl Boenish, an engineer turned stuntman-cinematographer whose early passion for skydiving led him to ever more spectacular – and dangerous – feats of flight. In the 1970’s, Boenish brought revolutionary filmmaking techniques to his role as one of the founders of BASE (Bridge, Antenna, Span and Earth)  jumping, a movement that requires parachuting from a fixed structure.  In 1984, the Boenishes – his wife, Jean, was drawn to BASE jumping through his love for it – together broke the Guinness World Record on Norway’s “Troll Wall,” the tallest vertical rock in Europe. Told through a stunning mix of Boenish’s 16mm archive footage and state-of-the-art aerial photography, SUNSHINE SUPERMAN is a potent time capsule of a transformative era that showcases both the beauty of the natural world and the enduring power of film as a medium. Tuned to the most beloved radio hits of the era, this extraordinary visual chronicle will leave you breathless and inspired. Director Strauch talks about the unlikely discovery of the public and private footage shot by Boenish, the love story at the core of this film and her own personal connection to the world of BASE.

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SUNSHINE SUPERMAN opens in New York at the Sunshine Cinema 5 and in Los Angeles at The Landmark on May 22nd, 2015.  The film will open nationally on May 29th, 2015.

“AWE-INSPIRING. SPECTACULAR LOOKING. Conveys the sheer freedom, danger and exhilaration of BASE jumping.” – Nick Schager, Film Journal

“Like a rock climber’s “Man on a Wire,” director Strauch gives the film an EXHILARATING UPLIFT of its own.” – MICHAEL RECHTSHAFFEN, LA Times

“THRILLING. You may not leave Sunshine Superman wanting to emulate Carl and Jean, but you will feel like you’ve vicariously bonded with them.” – Simon Abrams, Village Voice

“GRADE A – EXHILARATING. A THRILL RIDE. One of the best docs of the year. Reminiscent of Man on Wire and Senna.” – John Anderson, Indiewire

“A wonderful love story, between two people, and between a man and the art of film.” – Jeff Labrecque, Entertainment Weekly

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