Nomad – Director & Founder of TXL Films Taron Lexton

Acclaimed writer/director and founder of indie production company TXL Films, Taron Lexton. Most recently, Lexton and TXL wrapped production on their most ambitious indie feature yet, NOMAD. Starring “White Lotus” Breakout Leo Woodall, the film was shot entirely on location across 26 countries with its 2 lead actors, using no sets, green screens or cinema lights and a traveling crew of just 8 people. NOMAD tells the story of a mysterios loner (Woodall) with a bizarre condition that takes him inexplicably to the ends of the earth. When he crosses paths with a stifled city girl (Sana’a Shaik), they are plunged into a fight for survival that takes them across every continent. This feature narrative encapsulates Lexton’s signature visual aesthetic and emotionally charged storytelling. Lexton founded TXL Films with the ethos to focus on unique and humanity-driven stories that connect us to each other and to the world. Since its launch in 2004, he and TXL have filmed in over 55 countries, including all 7 continents, been awarded by more than 100 film festivals, screened out of competition at Cannes, and Lexton’s personal humanitarian projects earned him the United Nations Award of ExcellenceDirector, producer. writer and cinematographer Taron Lexton joins us to talk about his interest in showcasing people and their stories from every corner of the world, inspiration that he has drawn from his mother’s work in protecting and expanding human rights across the globe, founding his own production company and his ambitious new project, NOMAD.


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About the filmmaker – Founder / Director Taron Lexton was born in South Africa and raised in Los Angeles, Lexton graduated from LA Film School and by the age of 35 had filmed in 55 countries on 7 continents. He’s directed more than 500 national commercials, including 3 Super Bowl ads, and multiple award-winning short films. His work has been awarded by more than 100 film festivals, and his humanitarian projects earned him the United Nations Award of Excellence. In 2004 he founded TXL Films, a Los Angeles-based production company whose work has been seen by over a billion people worldwide. In 2017 he directed the critically acclaimed indie feature In Search of Fellini, starring Ksenia Solo (Black Swan, Project Blue Book) and Golden Globe nominee Maria Bello (Thank You for Smoking, A History of Violence). In 2019 he directed the ground-breaking feature film Nomad, currently in post production. It is the first narrative film to shoot on all 7 continents and capture a total solar eclipse as the backdrop of a scene. Our credits include 4 feature films, 50+ short films, 220 national commercials. We’re honored to have won over 25 Tellys, 15 Auroras, 6 Hermes Creatives, 3 Communicator Awards, the Gold Hugo at the Chicago Television Film Festival, the Ferrara Film Festival Golden Dragon for Best Feature Film USA, laurels at more than 35 film festivals, and the United Nations Award of Excellence for our human rights work. For more on Taron Lexton’s work –