Dislecksia, director Harvey Hubbell V

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Get on board with Emmy award-winning filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V and his crew as they explore the unique nature of how each of us learn. Join Hubbell, dyslexic superstars Billy Bob Thornton and Joe Pantoliano, world-renowned brain scientists and researchers, students and advocates as they join a movement to revolutionize education. Find out what it’s like to have your brain scanned inside an MRI and visit with a group of dyslexic researchers in the jungles of Costa Rica, all the while following Hubbell through his days of growing up dyslexic before many had even heard of the word. Through the non-linear brain of Hubbell, his lens captures the otherwise complex issues of learning differences in a manner that allows the audience to recognize the differences and honor the gifts in all of us. Director Harvey Hubbell V stops by for a lively and entertaining conversation about the millions of Americans with this learning difference and the making of his informative and entertaining film.

For information on Dislecksia:The Movie and more about dyslexia go on-line at: dislecksiathemovie.com/#

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