Pure O – Director Dillon Tucker

Cooper Ganz’s (Daniel Dorr) seemingly perfect life quickly unravels when he is diagnosed with a crippling form of OCD called Pure Obsessional. This often  misunderstood illness forces him to question his identity and sanity, all while trying to keep it together for his fiancé, Emily (Hope Lauren) family, and co-workers. As he struggles to accept his disease, and the vulnerability that comes along with it, his world starts to open up. The addiction recovery clients he works with at a high-end Malibu drug rehab center return the favor and help Cooper through his darkest hour. Inspired by the filmmaker’s own story, director / producer / writer / editor and songwriter Dillion Tucker joins us for a conversation on his own personal journey to tackle a litany of universal issues: grief, coming-of-age, addiction, redemption and the power of social connection.


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About the filmmaker – Dillon Tucker is a Southern California native, is an acclaimed actor, filmmaker, and musician. Tucker’s directorial feature debut, Pure O, a semi-autobiographical film that he wrote, produced, edited, acted in and provided the music for the soundtrack, was nominated for the grand jury award at SXSW 2023. The film is set to be released worldwide by Good Deed Entertainment. He co-wrote and starred in Gina Cassavetes’ directorial debut LOVE & SKIN. Tucker also co-wrote and starred in the features UNEASY LIES THE MIND and THAT SIDE OF A SHADOW, both of which were distributed worldwide by Gravitas Ventures. An alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Tucker was awarded the Charles Jehlinger Award for best actor. In addition to filmmaking, Tucker is an accomplished singer-songwriter having released six studio albums. He loves smoky scotch, New Hollywood cinema and believes Bob Dylan is a deity in human form.



“PURE O is an early contender for film of the year…as touching as it is informative.”  – The HoloFiles

“There are a few films in a lifetime that you feel make you a better person having watched it. Pure O from Dillon Tucker is one of those films.” – Signal Horizon

“A refreshing take on both mental illness and addiction, with both subjects addressed with an honesty and unashamed attitude that is inspiring and effective.” – AIPT News

“Pure O is raw and emotional, refusing to hold back, leaving audiences reeling from the emotional impact.” – Elements of Madness

“The storytelling is vulnerable, honest, and remarkably, it feels real.” – Script Magazine

“An extraordinarily grounded and vulnerable performance from lead actor Daniel Dorr.” – Pop-Culturalist

“One of the most poignant and optimistic films I have ever seen.” – Signal Horizon

“Pure O provides a deeply personal and accurate chronicle of living with OCD like few, if any, films and television shows have done before.” – The Holo Files