Morning, director Leland Orser

Morning film poster 

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Five days in the life of an American couple immediately following the accidental death of their child. An every day story of tragedy, loss, acceptance, hope and renewal. ‘Morning’ follows the divergent paths of Mark (Leland Orser) and Alice Munroe (Jeanne Tripplehorn) as they circle each other in a heart-breaking pas-de-deux of grief before finally coming to grips with their shared loss.  Writer / director / actor Leland Orser stops by for a conversation on the challenges and rewards of telling a story of horrifying tragedy and profound love.

“Morning is a new and most welcome addition to the genre of films dealing with the splintering, fissuring effects of a child’s death on a family. Movies like Ordinary People, In the Bedroom, and more recently, The Greatest, spring to mind. Each brings its own focus, emphasis, breadth and psychological orchestration.” – Stuart Fischoff, Ph.D., is Senior Editor of the Journal of Media Psychology and Emeritus Professor of Media Psychology

“Mr. Orser is a director worth watching. His work behind the camera-as well as in front of it-is clean and direct, unsentimental almost to the point of austerity.” – Rex Reed, New York Observer

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