The Quest: Nepal – Director Alex Harz

THE QUEST: NEPAL is like combining Werner Herzog with Anthony Bourdain and a bit of  Bear Grylls on an extraordinary Quest to deeper understand and climb the most iconic mountain in the world, Everest, while unveiling the fascinating culture, history and nature of Nepal. Become enthralled by one of the most surreal cities on earth, Kathmandu, before embarking on an expedition up the sacred valley of the indigenous Sherpa people during a spectacular 9-day trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp situated at a staggering height of 17,500 feet / 5334 meters above  sea level.  Feel what life is like to climb and survive for 43 more grueling days at 17,500 feet and above as we continue our epic Quest upward to try to reach the daunting 29,032 foot / 8849  meter summit of planet earth.  From experiencing Mt. Everest like never before to witnessing remarkable rarely seen stories from one of the most unique countries in the world, THE QUEST: NEPAL is truly a one-of-a-kind cinematic journey like no other, and one which embodies the incredible human spirit of adventure that lives inside us all. Director and film subject Alex Harz joins us to talk about The Quest series and what inspired it as well as the lingering danger that shadows him on all of these cinematic expeditions.

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About the filmmaker – Filmmaker, Adventurer and Host Alex Harz’s award-winning and fascinating personal journey through the captivating & inviting culture of Nepal, including his harrowing climb of Mt. Everest in THE QUEST: Nepal.  THE QUEST: Nepal is part of an on-going project titled THE QUEST Series. THE QUEST: Nepal Documentary and THE QUEST: Everest VR Experience, are epic Quests to deeper understand & climb the most iconic mountain on earth, Everest, and to reveal the amazing rarely-seen culture, history and nature of Nepal. From experiencing Everest like never before in stunning 2D and full Virtual Reality, to exploring the Birthplace of Buddhism and more, ‘THE QIEST’ will take you on educational thrill ride through one of the most amazing places on earth. For more go to:



“The Quest: Nepal reminds us of what it actually should mean. The majesty and danger of nature.” – Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

“Works fairly well as a compact and personally meaningful history of humanity’s Everest obsession.” – Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

“When taking on shooting in the Himalayas, the audience expects incredible footage with grand vistas of windswept, desolate mountains, and Harz does not disappoint. The images are breathtaking and beautifully shot.” – Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

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