The Quiet Epidemic – Co-directors Winslow Crane-Murdock & Lindsay Keys

After years of living with mysterious symptoms, a young girl from Brooklyn and a Duke University scientist are diagnosed with a disease said to not exist: Chronic Lyme disease. The Quiet Epidemic follows their search for answers, which lands them in the middle of a vicious medical debate. What begins as a patient story evolves into an investigation into the history of Lyme disease, dating back to its discovery in 1975. A paper trail of suppressed scientific research, and buried documents reveals why ticks-and the diseases they carry-have been allowed to quietly spread around the globe. According to a new CDC estimate, 476,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease yearly in the United States alone, yet our public health agencies and policymakers remain largely unresponsive. The same small group of doctors and public health officials have continued to control the science and the narrative of denial for decades. Co-directors and Lyme disease survivors, Winslow Crane-Murdock & Lindsay Keys join us for a conversation on how  their personal travails with Lyme disease has fortified their resolve to raise a greater societal awareness of this insidious and treacherous disease. Nearly as daunting as their own battle with Lyme has been getting a callous, profit over people health care system’s failure to recognize the validity of the disease and take the long overdue steps to deliver appropriate care to the hundreds of thousands people struggling to survive it.


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About the filmmaker – Lindsay Keys is a director, producer, cinematographer, and photographer based in the desert outside of Los Angeles. She has shot still and motion content for clients ranging from Bernie Sanders to The Whitney Museum. Her photography has been exhibited internationally, published in The New York Times, Time Out Magazine, Interview Magazine, and auctioned at Christie’s. While attending Wesleyan University (‘11), Lindsay’s health began deteriorating with no explanation. Upon getting a diagnosis of Lyme disease in 2015, she began working on The Quiet Epidemic and spent the next seven years dedicated to its completion. This is her first feature film.

About the filmmaker – Winslow Crane-Murdoch is a director, cinematographer and editor based in Portland, OR. Since graduating from Connecticut College in 2013 where he studied film, his work has taken him across the country and overseas. He made an episodic series about student loan debt, hiked, and filmed a 3,000 km walk across New Zealand for Outside Television and has shot and directed for large brands and political campaigns. He was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and began working on The Quiet Epidemic shortly after. This is his first feature film


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“The Quiet Epidemic is masterful at exposing a conspiracy that, if taken seriously, would have/could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.” – Alan Ng, Film Threat

“The Quiet Epidemic does what any good investigative doc should do – it informs, infuriates, breaks your heart, and fills you with hope… it is an alarming call to action that should be required viewing for anyone involved in health, science, or politics.” – Mark Johnson, Awards Daily

“An eye-opening, fair and balanced exposé on the cover-up of chronic Lyme disease.” – Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

“The Quiet Epidemic delivers a sometimes dizzying pattern of devious decisions that deprive people of options for chronic Lyme disease care. It makes no bones about its advocacy approach & keeps sight of humanity under perpetual siege by this disease.” – Nick Rogers. Midwest Film Journal