What Happened, Brittany Murphy – Director Cynthia Hill

WHAT HAPPENED, BRITTANY MURPHY follows the life and tragic death of actress Brittany Murphy, The two-part series goes beyond the conspiracy theories and headlines and features new interviews and never-before-seen archival footage. Instead of sensationalizing stories, Hill relies heavily on research and takes a nuanced approach to crafting complex stories about women, victims, and contemporary issues. Post-research, she spends a great deal of time tracking down the people able to shed light on the story and works to gain their trust. This allows her to do a deeper dive during an interview and capture the story from all perspectives. In addition to WHAT HAPPENED, BRITTANY MURPHY and her previous Emmy-nominated film, PRIVATE VIOLENCE, Hill has proven to be an investigative documentary filmmaker that gives a voice to the voiceless. Emmy-nominated filmmaker Cynthia Hill joins us to talk about what drew her about Brittany Murphy’s story, navigating the twists and turns the tragic tale took and her commitment to not sensationalize an already salacious story.


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The two-part series WHAT HAPPENED, BRITTANY MURPHY, premiering on HBO Max on October 14. 

About the filmmaker – Over two decades of award-winning filmmaking, Markay Media has proven its ability to tell a damn good story. With accomplished director Cynthia Hill at the helm, this team of spirited documentary professionals specializes in crafting essential, but sometimes overlooked stories with artistry and resilience. Markay Media’s distinctive approach has found a perfect base for content-creation in Durham, North Carolina, where the team harnesses local assets to bring the complexity of the region to international audiences. Pairing outstanding craftsmanship with intimacy and compassion, Markay Media consistently achieves visually rich, empathetic portraits of the American South and beyond. Cynthia Hill was born and raised in conservative rural North Carolina and now resides in the more liberal urban area of the state, she also has a unique “outsiders” perspective that she brings to her work. Hill is the founder of Markay Media, a female run production company based in Durham, North Carolina. Additional titles include A Chef’s Life, Road to Race Day and Somewhere South with Chef Vivian Howard.


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