The Wobblies – Co-directors Steward Bird & Deborah Shaffer

In the riveting documentary film, THE WOBBLIES, Filmmakers Deborah Shaffer and Stewart Bird weave history, archival film footage, interviews with former workers (in their 80s and 90s during the making of the film), cartoons, original art, and classic Wobbly songs (many written by Joe Hill) to pay tribute to the legacy of these rebels who paved the way and risked their lives for the many of the rights that we still have today. “Solidarity! All for One and One for All!” Founded in Chicago in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) took to organizing unskilled workers into one big union and changed the course of American history. This compelling documentary of the IWW (or “The Wobblies” as they were known), narrated by Roger Baldwin, one of the founders of the ACLU, tells the story of workers in factories, sawmills, wheat fields, forests, mines and on the docks as they organize and demand better wages, healthcare, overtime pay and safer working conditions. In some respects, men and women, Black and white, skilled and unskilled workers joining a union and speaking their minds seems so long ago, but in other ways, the film mirrors today’s headlines, depicting a nation torn by corporate greed. Co-directors Deborah and Stewart Bird join us for a conversation on their own journey of making THE WOBBLIES, more than 40 years ago, their reflections on the significance of that nascent labor movement, the deadly violence brought down on those men and women who dared to ask for a fair wage and a decent life and what lessons we can glean from the first labor movement that could be successful in today’s virulently anti-labor workplace.


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Filmmaker StatementWhen we started production on The Wobblies in 1977 our goal was to rescue and record an almost completely neglected chapter of American history as told by its elderly survivors. We never imagined then that the themes of labor exploitation, anti-immigrant legislation, and racial and gender discrimination would resonate as strongly today. We couldn’t be prouder to have the film included last year in the National Film Registry, and to have Kino Lorber present the new 4K MoMA restoration nationwide on International Workers Day.  – Stewart Bird & Deborah Shaffe

THE WOBBLIES was restored by the Museum of Modern Art and selected for preservation in 2021 by the Library of Congress National Film Registry, joining other essential documentaries such as The Fog of War, Paris is Burning, and Harlan County, USA. Kino Lorber Presents a New 4k Restoration of the Landmark Labor Movement Documentary The Wobblies’ was digitally scanned by the DuArt Digitization Center in full 4k resolution using the DFT Scanity. For the ultimate equality, the original cut ABC&D rolls of negative were the source for scanning and conforming into 4K 16-bit DPX files. The DPX media represents the new “digital negative” and was subsequently color graded and restored to create the archival and distribution masters. The new archival master is stored in MOMA’s Film Preservation Center.



100% on RottenTomatoes

“One emerges stunned and angry, admiring and amused.” – Time Out

“A vivid look into America’s radical past.” – Pulitzer Prize Winner, Studs Terkel

“The film’s influence on contemporary documentary form… cannot be underestimated.” – Jeffrey Skoller, UC Berkeley

““The Wobblies is a history of the IWW, researched lovingly and corroborated by the reminiscences of some of the union’s former members. When the facts are presented as fully as they have been here, the feelings that accompanied them aren’t difficult to imagine.” – The New York Times

“Iconic. Innovative. Eerily echoing current times. Replete with gorgeous archival footage, the film pays tribute to American workers who took the ideals of equality and free speech seriously enough to put their lives on the line for them. A joyous chronicle.” – New York Women in Film & Television

“A vivid look into America’s radical past. Its heroes and heroines are filled with vitality—a rare attribute these days.” – Studs Terkel

Women of the White Buffalo – Director Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson’s WOMEN OF THE WHITE BUFFALO takes a comprehensive look at the ancient, Native, and matriarchal Lakota nation, a community that has been upended by centuries of genocide and colonialism. This sustained assault has resulted in a culturally sabotaged and isolated people that are in a constant struggle to save what remains of their sacred identity. The Lakota women living on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations in South Dakota, are rising up against the forces that continue to suppress them. By preserving and protecting their ancestral values and wisdom, they provide a source of hope to their people. With exclusive access to the lives of 9 women, ranging in age from 10 to 98, we explore powerful testimonials of loss and survival as we gain insight into the experience of a modern day Indigenous American living on an Indian Reservation. Gripping historical accounts and startling timely statistics guide viewers down the path that has led to these present day conditions. The indelible voices of these determined women inspire us with their strength, gifting us with ancient insights that speak to our current global, environmental and cultural crises. These are the powerfully rich stories of the brave women and children living in the poorest county in the United States. Director Deborah Anderson takes us along as we listen to their stories of loss, suicide, murder and epidemic meth addiction amongst their community, mirrored by their deep ancestral roots, traditional ceremony, prayer and hope. 


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About the filmmaker – Award winning filmmaker and photographer, Deborah Anderson’s work has graced the covers of pop music albums and magazines, as well as the walls of an expansive clientele of private homes and landmark hotels worldwide. Of Indigenous, Black, Irish and Scottish descent, her photographic work has hung in galleries both in Europe and the US, including the world-class Leica Galleries who have hosted three shows for her “Women Of The White Buffalo” series. Her first feature documentary film project AROUSED included a fine art photographic book was theatrically released reaching #3 on iTunes’ documentary most viewed list and was featured on Showtime and Amazon Video. Deborah has released three fine art coffee table books to date and has created short films and music videos for various celebrated artists. Having created “MY REVOLUTION” with award-winning writer and activist (Vagina Monologues author) Eve Ensler, along with the voice of actress Rosario Dawson and the short film RISE with Thandie Newton for the One Billion Rising organization.


100% on RottenTomatoes

“The film is part lament and part tribute, honoring the legacy of women who today — had American progress been less relentless or thoughtless — might be leading a thriving nation of Indigenous people, rather than fighting to keep their communities alive.” – Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

“Though the film lacks a clear narrative arc, put together, these stories draw a line between the historical genocide and displacement suffered by Indigenous people and the present destitution on reservations.” – Concepción de León, New York Times

“Women of the White Buffalo is a major triumph from a multi-talented artist. It may be grueling at times, but it is one of the best visions of something unseen released yet.” – Michael Talbot-Haynes, Film Threat

“…has a lot to teach and a film that really delves deep into its subject, letting the women at the center of everything really speak about what is affecting them and how they are managing to help one another as much as they can.” – Emilie Black, Cinema Crazed

Adieu Lacan – Director Richard C. Ledes

ADIEU LACAN tells the story of a young woman’s struggle to understand why her own path to motherhood has reached an unbearable impasse. Jacques Lacan, the controversial French psychoanalyst who is widely recognized as one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th Century, is portrayed by David Patrick Kelly (John Wick, Twin Peaks), who profoundly illuminates the psychoanalyst’s passion for his work. Ismenia Mendes (Orange is the New Black) plays Seriema, the character based on author Betty Milan, whose youth and adherence to the truth of her own experience as a young woman make the encounter between analyst and patient a tempestuous one.  According to Lacan the analyst is in the position of what he called “the object cause of desire,” which can be described as a mystery to be solved by the “analysand” (the person who chooses to do an analysis). The Slovenian philosopher Salvoj Zizek has compared this object cause of desire to Hitchcock’s theory of what the filmmaker called a “macguffin,” the central motivating cause of a plot—like the Maltese Falcon in Huston’s film by the same name—that’s only real value is given to it by its place in the plot as a mystery to be solved and not by any intrinsic quality of its own. Director. producer and writer Richard C. Ledes joins us to talk about his bold take on the philosophy and methods of a Lacan and why he chose to frame Lacan’s story in a stark but highly cinematic presentation.

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The film will be distributed by Passion River Films, and will be released on VOD on May 10, 2022 on several platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo. For more information about the film visit

About the filmmaker – Producer, writer and director Richard C. Ledes named after her father, a judge in Baltimore, who died of sadness a few months after his son, the schizophrenic, was hit by a train. His first feature film A HOLE IN ONE, set in 1953, starring Michelle Williams, about a woman who wants a lobotomy, originated in a piece of performance art that Ledes based on the psychiatric records of his maternal uncle. He made A HOLE IN ONE after completing a doctorate in comparative literature at NYU. Much of his research for the film derived from the research he did for his dissertation; it was on the cultural traces of the rise of mental healthcare in the U.S. around treating veterans after WWII. His recently completed film ADIEU LACAN, starring David Patrick Kelly and Ismenia Mendes, is based on the play “Goodbye Doctor” and the novel “Lacan’s Parrot” both by Betty Milan. ADIEU LACAN is the story of the struggle of a young woman to understand, through a psychoanalysis with the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, why her own path to motherhood has reached an unbearable impasse. His latest film IKONOPHILE Z, “a light romantic comedy about the extinction of all life on earth,” is currently in post-production. Additionally he is in development on VIENNA 1913, based on a play by the same name written by the late renowned French psychoanalyst and playwright Alain Didier-Weill. Ledes’ film FRED WON’T MOVE OUT was named by the BFI (British Film Institute) as one of the 10 essential films of legendary actor Elliott Gould (MASH, THE LONG GOODBYE). Ledes’ film THE CALLER won Best NY Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival. Ledes is also the only translator of William Burroughs into English (Burroughs did a series of interviews in France that were published in French; the original recordings were lost; for a collection of the work of Burroughs published by Semiotexte, Ledes translated the French translations back into English). For more go to:



“A gem of a film; in my opinion a true masterpiece that so gently, subtly and accurately portrays an analytic treatment, and more specifically a treatment that proceeds along the lines of a Lacanian cure.”-  Mavis Himes, Psychoanalyst and author of “The Power of Names.”

“The film is born immediately as a classic and from now on it will be absolutely necessary for people in training to see the film.”- Mario Eduardo Costa Pereira, Corpo Freudiano do Rio de Janeiro

“The closest thing to having met Lacan himself. From now on, a film which can’t be missed for whoever undergoes psychoanalytic training!”- Diego Zanelli

“Adieu Lacan”. It is awesome and evokes admiration through many aspects – great actors, characters as well as the truly presented analysand-analyst bond and of course the image of Lacan. I am impressed by the contrast between the emergence of Seriema’s desire and the last Lacan’s years. Thank you for such an unforgettable experience!” – Yordana Hristozova | Bulgaria

Flint: Who Can You Trust? – Director Anthony Baxter

Anthony Baxter’s Flint: Who Can You Trust? exposes the political arrogance and constant danger facing thousands of Flint, Michigan residents. Caused, in large part, by the actions of an unelected governing body, made up of unelected political hacks appointed by the governor. On April 25, 2014, for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery, Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed off on an order that switched the source of Flint water system from the Lake Heron of Great Lakes to the Flint River. That decision resulted in  the poisoning Flint residents and leading to one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in American history. Award-winning journalist / filmmaker Anthony Baxter’s FLINT: WHO CAN YOU TRUST goes beyond the headlines to investigate the escalating betrayal and deceit by government officials, the breakdown in public trust and faith in official science, and ultimately, the community’s enduring fight for one of our most basic rights: clean water. Director and Producer Anthony Baxter (You’ve Been Trumped, You’ve Been Trumped Too) joins us for a conversation on his searing indictment of local, state, and federal governance, merciless scammers, junk science, charlatans, systemic racism, social and political indifference that is still costing thousands innocent  people their dignity, health and for too many, their lives.


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About the filmmaker – Director / Producer Anthony Baxter is one of the UK’s leading documentary filmmakers. His iconic You’ve Been Trumped (2011) won 12 awards and is recognized as one of the most important British feature documentaries of the last decade. Translated into a dozen languages, the film was aired in prime time on BBC2 in 2012. In the United States, the it was acquired by Netflix and Participant Media. Baxter’s A Dangerous Game (2014), a searing indictment of the profound ecological and social impact of luxury golf resorts around the world, enjoyed a major UK theatrical release and featured Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Robert Kennedy Jr. and a cast of inspiring local heroes. A TV version was broadcast on the BBC. You’ve Been Trumped Too (2016) was released on the eve of the US Presidential vote, and critically acclaimed as a powerful and prescient warning of the nature of a Trump Presidency.


86% on RottenTomatoes

“There could hardly be a more urgent or relevant film than this” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

“Bound to become only more insightful as time wears on, for better or worse.” – Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

“Anthony Baxter’s Flint is one hell of an exposé. Flint is a vital movie for a volatile time.” – Musanna Ahmed, Film Inquiry

“It is a good job someone was there to record it, because it is a tale that would challenge even the most credulous.” – Lucy Mangan, Guardian

Jeannette – Director Maris Curran & Subject Jeannette Feliciano

Director Maris Curran’s feature documentary, Jeannette, is a striking and intimate vérité, this portrait of competitive bodybuilder and queer single mother Jeannette Feliciano. The story unfolds as a nuanced story of balancing the relentlessness of daily existence with the realities of living through trauma. In the wake of Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub shooting, Jeannette continues to coach other survivors at the gym while raising her son. Life seems calm again,  until Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico and Jeannette is thrown back into crisis mode. Skirting headlines to instead focus on the tenderness of healing, Maris Curran (Five Nights in Maine) delivers her feature documentary debut with the World Premiere of JEANNETTE. Director Maris Curran and the subject Jeannette Feliciano joins us for a conversation on the process of becoming comfortable with each other as Jeannette facilitates Maris’s camera and crew into every aspect of her life why it was important for both of them to give the horrifying reality of the Pulse Club mass shooting the appropriate perspective in the sweep of Jeanette’s complex and rewarding life.


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About the filmmaker – JEANNETTE is the feature documentary directorial debut of acclaimed queer filmmaker Maris Curran, whose films have shown at Berlinale, TIFF, MoMA, the NY Times Op-Docs, and PBS’s Independent Lens. Among her films are her feature narrative debut, Five Nights in Maine (2016) starring David Oyelowo, Diane Wiest, and Rosie Perez; and two documentary shorts, The Man Is the Music (2016) and While I Yet Live (2018). She holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, was a Fulbright Fellow, and is the past recipient of an SFFILM/KRF Filmmaking Grant. After World Premiering at the 2022 San Francisco International Film Festival in Documentary Competition. JEANNETTE will be playing festivals throughout the year, with official announcements to be made soon.


“Poignant…a thoughtful, meditative look at the struggles of those with PTSD in a gun-rabid, homophobic country.”— KARIN MCKIE, EDGE MEDIA NETWORK

Anaïs in Love, Director Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet

From first-time feature writer/director Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet (Pauline Enslaved, Joujou) comes a vibrant new French romantic-comedy ANAIS IN LOVE. The film is a sensitive portrait of a complex and impulsive young woman.  Anais, beautifully portraited by Anaïs Demoustier (Alice and the Mayor, Pauline Enslaved, Sweet Evil) is thirty and broke. She has a lover, but she’s not sure she loves him anymore. After attending a friend’s party, Anaïs meets and falls into an affair with a middle-aged publisher named  Daniel, played by Denis Podalydès (The Conquest, Caché, The Da Vinci Code). As their relationship quickly begins to fall apart, Anaïs discovers and becomes enchanted by the literary work of Daniel’s wife, Emilie, played by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Like Crazy, Human Capital, It’s Easier for a Camel…), and after a chance encounter with Emilie, Anais begins to pursue her. A lighthearted nod to classical romances, the film explores the longings of wayward hearts. ANAIS IN LOVE made its world premiere at Cannes International Film Festival Critics Week. Director Charmine Bourgeois-Tacquet joins us for a bilingual conversation on the striking the right balance of drama, comedy and calamity, working again with Anais Demoustier to create a recklessly complex character with the innate ability to charm.


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Anaïs in Love will open theatrically on April 29 and digitally and on-demand May 6.

About the filmmaker – Director / writer Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet worked for a while in publishing. In 2016 she directed her first self-produced short film. In 2018, she garnered positive attention for her second short film, Pauline Enslaved, chosen for the Semaine de la Critique section of the Cannes Film Festival and then at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival where it received a Special Jury prize and the Telerama magazine press award. This same film was also pre-selected for the 2020 César awards and won a number of prizes in international festivals. Les Amours d’Anaïs (Anaïs in Love), her first feature film, is selected at the Cannes Film Festival’s La Semaine de la Critique in 2021, where it was screened as the film of the 60th anniversary.



89% on RottenTomatoes

“A summery and youthful film, Anaïs in Love shares a spirit with some all-time-great stories, basking in the moment and celebrating where each one could lead to next.” – Scott Wilson, One Room With A View

“Yeah, Anais gets everything she wants, but sometimes, its good to let women win.” – Valerie Complex, Deadline Hollywood Daily

“A love story as warm and refreshing as the Parisian summer its set against, writer-director Charline Bourgeois-Tacquets feature debut iAnas in Love/i is a dizzyingly euphoric delight.” – Andrew Murray, The Upcoming

“A warm, sandy romance harking back to simpler times, Anas in Love revels in a simplicity uncommon for (increasingly competitive) debut films.” – Sarah Williams, In Review Online

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes – Director Joe Berlinger

In Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes award winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger pulls back the curtain on the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy, the one-time aspiring politician, beloved local contractor, and part-time clown-for-hire who murdered 33 young men between 1972 and 1976. The majority of his victims were found buried under his house, in the quiet northwest suburbs of Chicago. Fifty years later, DNA scientists are still trying to identify all of his victims, but thanks to 60 hours of unearthed audio between Gacy and his defense team, we have fresh perspective on the narcissistic mindset of the murderer and a deeper understanding of how he operated for so long with impunity. The second installment in an ongoing series from filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes), this three-part documentary also features new interviews with key participants – some of whom have never talked before, including gut-wrenching testimony from one of Gacy’s survivors – all in search of answers to a crucial question: How was a public figure like Gacy able to get away with murder for so long? Director Joe Berlinger (Brother’s Keeper, Crude, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster)  joins us to talk about what draws him to the backstories involving people like Bundy and Gacy, and the personal impact explorng them has on his own outlook on humanity.


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About the filmmaker –  Joe Berlinger is one of the leading storytellers of his generation, drawing attention to social justice issues in the U.S. and abroad and creating landmark films such as: Brother’s Keeper, a DGA Award-winner that broke new ground with its narrative storytelling techniques; HBO’s  Paradise Lost trilogy with resulted in the freeing of the wrongly-convicted West Memphis Three after almost two decades in prison; and Some Kind of Monster, an intimate portrait of Metallica that redefined the rockumentary genre, one of seven Berlinger films to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Berlinger’s  passion for using media to bring attention to the issue of wrongful conviction served as the inspiration for Wrong Man for Starz, which took an in-depth look into six separate cases of alleged wrongful  conviction over two seasons. In 2019, Berlinger broke new ground for himself by covering the same subject in scripted and unscripted forms simultaneously with Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes  and Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile, which starred Zac Efron as Bundy. Both aired on Netflix and attracted enormous audiences around the world, with  Conversations becoming the network’s highest-rated nonfiction title last year, and Extremely Wicked landing in the top ten of most-streamed titles in any genre for 2019. Berlinger continued his work for Netflix with the docuseries  Jeffrey  Epstein: Filthy Rich, a victim-focused look at the sordid life of one of the world’s most vile serial pedophiles. Berlinger’s body of social justice films expanded with Starz’s Confronting a Serial Killer, following author Jillian Lauren as she aids law enforcement in solving cold case murders targeting marginalized communities, particularly women of color, through her unprecedented relationship with the most prolific serial killer in American history, Sam Little. For more go to:


“A chilling descent into the mind and life of one of Americas most prolific serial killers.” – Romey Norton, Ready Steady Cut

“As an example of the well-worn genre of true-crime docs, it’s decently well-structured, moves fast at a mere three hours(!), and accurately pins down the societal ills that Gacy’s predation highlighted.” – Clint Worthington, Consequence

Algren – Director Michael Caplan

In his mesmerizing feature documentary film, ALGREN, Michael Caplan drops us into the gritty world, brilliant mind, and noble heart of writer Nelson Algren. Exploding onto the national scene in 1950 after winning the first-ever National Book Award for The Man with the Golden Arm, Algren defined post-war American urban fiction with his brilliant depiction of working class Chicago. Hemingway declared him second only to Faulkner; Vonnegut dubbed him a literary groundbreaker. Hollywood soon came calling, immortalizing his breakout novel with none other  than Frank Sinatra in the lead role. Algren even won a notorious place in both the heart and work of France’s premiere feminist, Simone de Beauvoir. Including never-before-seen archival footage, newly uncovered audio recordings and his own rarely seen, personal photo collages, ALGREN charts the rise and fall of a man whose transgressions, compassion and thirst for justice pushed him to dedicate his life and career to giving a voice to the voiceless. Through interviews with Algren’s friends, literary experts and artists – including William Friedkin, Russell Banks, Philip Kaufman, Billy Corgan and John Sayles – the film is an intimate, witty and even antagonistic portrait of a tireless champion of America’s most marginalized. Director Michael Caplan (Stones from the Soil) joins us for a conversation on what inspired him to explore the world of a groundbreaking, deeply American writer who has never reached the level of recognition and acclaim of his literary brethren.


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About the filmmaker – Michael Caplan is an award-winning Chicago-based independent film director, producer and educator. He is currently developing several feature films, including a film written by acclaimed Chicago writer, Joe Meno, and a documentary series that illustrates the connection between the smallest microbes in the ocean to climate change and worldwide pandemics. Caplan also directed and wrote Stones from the Soil, a documentary about his father’s escape from the Nazis, which showed on national PBS. Caplan is an Associate Professor in the Cinema and Television Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago.


100% on RottenTomatoes

“Enlightening for those who don’t know Algren at all and thrilling for those who knew the man or his work and his life.” -Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

“A riveting, comprehensive depiction of an author that Ernest Hemingway declared second only to William Faulkner in the pantheon of U.S. writers.” -Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

“A documentary that fuses the writer and his city in a cosmology of grinding toil and unexpected beauty” -Barlo Perry, Paris/LA Magazine

“An extraordinary portrait of a major author who has fallen into the realm of the forgotten despite his many successes.” -Neeley Swanson, Easy Reader News

The White Fortress (Tabija) – Director Igor Drljača

THE WHITE FORTRESS (TABIJA) stars Pavle Čemerkić as Faruk. He is an orphan who lives with his ill grandmother in the rundown Sarajevo suburb of Alipasino Polje. Faruk and spends his days foraging for scrap metal and dabbling in petty crime. One day he meets Mona, a timid teen from a politically powerful and affluent family. As Mona dreams of escaping the overbearing toxicity of her home life, she seeks refuge and opens herself up to Faruk, a boy from a world entirely different than  her own  THE WHITE FORTRESS was Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Best International Feature Film selection to represent them at the 94th Academy Awards. The film is a Canada/Bosnia co-production feature that had its World Premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival as part of its Generation 14 plus section. The cast also includes Jasmin Geljo, Kerim Čutuna, Alban Ukaj and Irena Mulamuhić. Director and writer Igor Drljača joins us for a conversation on the declining quality of life that has come with fewer and fewer job opportunities in his hometown of Sarajevo, working with professional and non-professional actors and striking the right storytelling balance between despair and resiliency.


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Game Theory will release the film on April 22, 2022.

About the filmmaker – Director / writer / producer Igor Drljača runs the production company Timelapse Pictures with filmmaker Albert Shin, and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of British Columbia. His award-winning short films include Woman in Purple (2010) and The Fuse: or How I Burned Simon Bolivar (2011), and The Archivists (2020). His critically-acclaimed debut feature Krivina (2012) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and had its international premiere at Rotterdam. He co-produced Albert Shinʼs In Her Place (2014). His sophomore feature The Waiting Room (2015) premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival, and had its North American premiere at TIFF. His first feature documentary The Stone Speakers (2018) had its world premiere at TIFF, and international premiere at Berlinale. The White Fortress (Tabija, 2021), his third narrative feature, is a co-pro- duction between Canada and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It will have its world premiere at the 71st Berlinale as part of the Generation 14Plus competition. To find out more go to:


100% on RottenTomatoes

“Tabija oscillates between thriller and fairy tale. In multi-layered images, the film tells of the romantic dreams of young people and simultaneously documents tangibly the atmosphere of post-war Sarajevo…a declaration of love for Sarajevo.” – Berlinale

“…a sorrowful little love story that is also a touching portrait of a generation trapped in their nation’s divided present, which is itself a legacy of its troubled past…” – Variety

“Bosnian filmmaker Igor Drljača’s new crime-drama, which turns into a romance, is his most accomplished, touching and thought-provoking film yet.”- Cineuropa

“A moving mixture of romance and social realism, The White Fortress uses a thwarted love story as a metaphoric lament for the city of Sarajevo.” – Liam Lacey ,Original Cin

Salma’s Home – Director Hanadi Elyan

The story behind SALMA’S HOME eschews the usual woman in peril narrative that is often presented in today’s Arabic cinema. Director and writer Hanadi Elyan, one of the few female Arab filmmaking voices, follows beautifully in the footsteps of bold voices like Nadine Labaki, Raja Amari, and Jocelyn Saab. SALMA (Juliet Awad) is a talented baker living alone in a large old house overlooking downtown Amman, her daughter FARAH (Sameera Asir) is a young working mother with marital problems. Their lives are disrupted by the death of Salma’s ex-husband- BAKRI. The funeral takes place at his  current wife’s house, LAMIA (Rania Al Kurdi), an aspiring socialite who is obsessed with building her brand online. After the funeral, shocking facts come to light leading to clashes and finally forcing the three women to accept some harsh realities and take control of their lives. Director / writer / editor Hanadi Elyan (Reel Arab Productions) stops by to talk about finding the superb cast of actors who help make the film  take flight, as well as the inspiration for writing and directing this beautifully told story of heartbreak, betrayal, renewal, friendship and love.


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SALMA’S HOME is the debut feature from Palestinian Jordanian filmmaker Hanadi Elyan, set to have its World premiere at the 2022 Online edition of the Cinequest Film and Creativity Festival in April, followed by a special in-person edition in August 2022 in San Jose.

About the filmmaker – Driven by her love of filmmaking from a very young age, Hanadi’s work focuses on telling stories about social issues facing marginalized communities from a female perspective. She is a trans-national filmmaker that believes in breaking stereotypes through telling stories of the shared human experience. Born in Dubai and raised in an artistic Jordanian / Palestinian Muslim family, Hanadi spent her childhood between the UAE and Jordan. She established Reel Arab Productions in Dubai, a company that created commercials for international brands but then expanded into TV content for MBC, the biggest Arab broadcaster in the world. Later, she moved to Los Angeles after being selected for the MSFF full ride scholarship, where she earned her MFA in Film Production / Directing from UCLA. Today, based in Boston, MA, Hanadi is putting the final touches on her feature film Salma’s Home, and also is serving as Asst. Professor of Narrative Film Directing at Emerson College. Awards include: Jordan Film Fund, Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award, Delia Salvi Memorial award, Special Jury award at Tangiers Film Festival for Mariam’s Chance, George Burns and Gracie Allen Scholarship Fellowship in Comedy and The UCLA Directors Spotlight Award. To find out more go to: or:


Marvelous and the Black Hole – Director Kate Tsang

MARVELOUS AND THE BLACK HOLE focuses on a teenage delinquent, Sammy, played by newcomer Miya Cech, (Always Be My Maybe) as she attempts to befriend a surly magician Margot played by Rhea Perlman, (“Cheers,” Matilda) who may or may not be able to help her navigate her inner demons and dysfunctional family with sleight of hand magic. A coming-of- age comedy that touches on unlikely friendships, grief, and finding hope in the darkest moments. Director Kate Tsang joins us for a conversation on the importance of telling a story that did not talk down to a younger audience, that gave voice to the character of Sammy that embraced her volatile behavior and voice to her anger at the loss of a loved one as well as navigating a story that swings between light-hearted comedy and mournful ire and working with the great Rhea Perlman.


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About the filmmaker – Kate Tsang is an artist, filmmaker, and Emmy-nominated writer creating imaginative, offbeat stories with heart. Her award-winning live action and animated shorts (“SO YOU’VE GROWN ATTACHED” and “WELCOME TO DOOZY”) have been watched by millions online and broadcasted nationally on PBS. In addition, Kate has written on the hit shows ADVENTURE TIME: DISTANT LANDS (HBO MAX) and STEVEN UNIVERSE FUTURE (Cartoon Network).

About the filmmaker – Rhea Perlman has starred on television, stage and film for more than 30 years.  A four-time Emmy winner for her role on the NBC TV show “Cheers,” she was nominated an unprecedented 10 times during the 11-year series and appeared in all 273 episodes.Other television credits include, “Kirstie,” “The Neighbors,” “Hung,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “Kate Brasher,” “Hot in Cleveland” and “Pearl,” in which she both starred and served as executive producer.A fan favorite, Perlman played Mrs. Wormwood to Danny DeVito’s Mr. Wormwood in the film MATILDA, which was directed by DeVito. The pair also worked together on the acclaimed TV series “Taxi,” in which Perlman played DeVito’s Louie DePalma’s love interest, Zena.


86% on RottenTomatoes

“Marvelous and the Black Hole is quirky and a little punky and a lot of fun, a movie that treats teen girls – even the angry ones – as deserving of respect.” – Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

“Funny without being forced, and sincere without being schlocky, Marvelous is guaranteed to warm the hearts of wannabe baby goths everywhere.” – Sheri Flanders, Chicago Reader

“Marvelous is enchanting and quirky. It’s a decent show for Tsang’s debut feature film and a strong performance from the lead Mia Cech.” – Therese Lacson. The Beat

“Sammy and Patricia tussle and yell with sheer physicality, occupying space in a way that young Chinese American women aren’t normally afforded in American media.” – Li Lai, Mediaversity Reviews

Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off – Director Sam Jones

TONY HAWK: UNTIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF center around a series of intimate interviews with Tony Hawk himself.  The film is an all-encompassing look at the skateboarder’s life, legendary career, and relationship with the sport with which he’s been synonymous for decades. Hawk, a pioneer of modern vertical skating who is still pushing his limits at the age of 53, remains one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. A wide-ranging, definitive look at Hawk’s life and iconic career, and his relationship with the sport with which he’s been synonymous for decades. Hawk, born in San Diego, Calif., is a pioneer of modern vertical skating and one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. TONY HAWK: UNTIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF features unprecedented access, never-before-seen footage, and interviews with Hawk, and prominent figures in the sport including Stacy Peralta, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Neil Blender, Andy MacDonald, Duane Peters, Sean Mortimer, and Christian Hosoi. Director and Producer Sam Jones (I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Off Camera with Sam Jones) joins us for a conversation on his own passion for skateboarding, gaining the confidence of Tony, his family and his peers, as well as peeling back the layers of a highly motivated and hyper competitive athlete who has defined what it means to be an unconventional modern day superstar. 


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About the filmmaker – Sam Jones is a director of documentary films and narrative television. He most recently directed an episode of “Ted Lasso” and a film in post production: “Running With Our Eyes Closed, A Film about Jason Isbell,” which is being co-produced by the Duplass Brothers and Jones. Jones is the creator and host of the documentary series “Off Camera with Sam Jones,” which had a 219 episode run on DirecTV’s Audience Network from 2013-2020. Jones is also an acclaimed commercial director and recently wrote and directed a series of commercials for OnePlus featuring Robert Downey Jr. He directed the Showtime series “Roadies,” created by Cameron Crowe, and also directed and produced the feature length Showtime documentary “Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued,” a film that reexamines Bob Dylan’s “The Basement Tapes.” In 2002, Jones started his documentary career with “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart,” which chronicles beloved indie-rock band Wilco’s tumultuous recording of their acclaimed fourth album, “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.” Rolling Stone named “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” one of the best rock films of all time. Jones began his career as a photographer and quickly gained acclaim for his seminal portraits of cultural icons. His work has appeared on the covers of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, Time, and many others, and he has had several books published.  Jones lives in Los Angeles with his daughters and still loves to skateboard.

Founded by Tony Hawk, The Skatepark Project (TSP) is a nonprofit organization working to increase access to outdoor recreation and free play through the creation of safe and inclusive community skateparks. TSP provides the resources, advocacy skills, grants and fellowship programs that guide skaters in creating their own community skateparks, from conception through construction.

100% on RottenTomatoes

“A humanistic exploration… chronicles Hawk’s prodigious, at times challenging, skateboarding career, but it also analyzes its subject with a keen psychological eye.” – Lena Wilson, The Wrap

“Whether you’re a skateboarding fan or not, this is an engrossing look back at the unquestionably remarkable career of a true legend, and his story isn’t over yet.” – Ethan Anderton, Slash Film

“An intimate and raw story of Hawk’s journey.” – Cheyenne Rountree, The Daily Beast

“The closing scenes, grappling with the complications of continuing to endanger one’s body at such an advanced age… is first funny, then philosophical, and then poignant.” – Jason Bailey, Crooked Marquee

“Jones still creates a captivating, edge-of-your-seat documentary that manages to make the idea of landing a trick a genuinely moving scenario.” – Ross Bonaime, Collider

The Invisible Pilot – Co-directors Phil Lott and Ari Mark

The HBO Original THE INVISIBLE PILOT, a three-part documentary series by Emmy®-winning filmmakers Phil Lott and Ari Mark, is a tale of a charismatic, daredevil husband and father who unexpectedly jumped off a bridge in 1977, despite a seemingly happy home life and a lucrative career as a pilot. His small-town Arkansas community searches for his body in vain while family and friends seek answers. Years later, a mysterious story emerges involving hypnosis, secret identities and a double life of dangerous missions and law-breaking. And that’s just the beginning… THE INVISIBLE PILOT unfolds in three chapters, each one divulging new, shocking surprises. When Gary Betzner, a father of three, unexpectedly commits suicide the mystery surrounding his death deepens and unfurls a caper-filled tale involving a clandestine world of drug smuggling, gun running, and involvement in a covert war conducted at the highest level of the U.S. government. With a wealth of colorful archival material and shaped by vibrant storytelling by Gary’s wife, ex-wife, children, friends and associates, public defenders, law officers and journalists, THE INVISIBLE PILOT is a cautionary tale of unchecked power and covert operations, centered around a small-town man with outsized dreams. Co-Directors Phil Lott and Ari Mark join us to walk us through the bare-bones description of a multi-layered story that not only defies belief, but illuminates one of the darkest and most consequential political scandals in American history.


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THE INVISIBLE PILOT debuts MONDAY, APRIL 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) with new episodes airing subsequent Mondays at the same time. The series will debut on HBO and be available to stream on HBO Max.

About the filmmaker – Director Phil Lott began his career in London, England, working on feature films and documentaries. As cinematographer, he shot  “Indian Tales” for Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia, SXSW winning indie-feature, “Kelly and Cal” starring Juliette Lewis and Cybil Shepherd, and as writer-producer he made indie-feature “Neil’s Party”  released by Warner Bros. Between AMPLE’s doc series slate, Phil continues his work on features including, most recently,  directing 2nd unit on acclaimed IFC release, “Rust Creek”, and on a feature documentary which he and Ari are currently directing. After setting the visual style, and shooting as cinematographer, the pilot episode of Bafta-winning director Bart Layton’s  “Locked Up Abroad”, Phil was asked to direct an episode of season one of the international hit series. This quickly led to more documentary television and becoming a sought after show-runner in the USA. Recognized for bringing filmic storytelling and a distinctive cinematic visual style to all his shows, Phil always seeks to raise the bar of how unscripted television can look and be told. Phil has been behind some of the most recognizable documentary series and non-scripted shows on television including directing and setting the look for the pilot episode of Emmy-winning “Undercover Boss” for CBS, Critic’s Choice-nominated “The Pitch” for AMC (where he met Ari) and the Xbox Entertainment Studios hit series “Every Street United”. For more go to:

About the filmmaker – Before starting AMPLE, Ari Mark served as Senior Vice President of Original Programming for Xbox Entertainment Studios where he was challenged to jump start a digital platform’s ambitious move into non-scripted filmmaking. In a short time, he produced and launched Xbox’s first series, “Every Street United”, a global premium documentary series led by soccer icon, Thierry Henry. He also oversaw Xbox’s documentary slate, executive producing Zak Penn’s cult film, “Atari: Game Over” and Greg Barker’s feature documentary about the Boston Bombing, “The Thread”. Mark also produced Xbox’s first scripted project, “Possibilia”, a choose-your-own-adventure interactive film shown at both Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals.Prior to Xbox, Ari worked at AMC where he oversaw their first launch into non-scripted programming. He developed the massive hit after show, “The Talking Dead”, the cult hit “Small Town Security”, and the critically acclaimed series, “The Pitch”, among others.Ari began his career at Sundance Channel where he quickly developed a reputation for bold programming choices and strong creative instincts. During his tenure, Ari helped develop the hit series “Iconoclasts”, “The Staircase”, “Architecture School”, Brett Morgen’s “Nimrod Nation” and “Brick City”, both of which won Peabody awards. He also helped oversee their feature documentary slate, producing more than 20 films including Alex Gibney’s “Human Behavior Experiments” and D.A. Pennebaker’s “War Room Revisited”.Before Sundance, Mark received his MFA from San Francisco State’s prestigious film program. His films, “The Gift” and “The Metamorphosis” were both acquired by Sundance Channel. For more go to:


Bull – Director Paul Andrew Williams

BULL is a revenge thriller like no other. This ferocious, audacious, and blood-soaked is the latest from BAFTA-winning writer/director Paul Andrew Williams stars Neil Maskell (Kill List, Peaky Blinders) as Bull, a vicious mob enforcer seeking revenge on the gang that double-crossed him. Ten years after he was last seen, Bull returns home to methodically track down those who betrayed him, including his ex-wife, Sharon, played by Tamzin Outhwaite (Eastenders) and find his beloved son. With the ominous warning: “I’m coming for all of them,” Bull stalks his former gang, leading up to a savage showdown between his wife and her mob boss father Norm, played by David Hayman (Sid and Nancy, Macbeth). Director and writer Paul Andrew Williams  (London to Brighton, Unfinished Song, The Cottage) joins us for a conversation on his intense, brutal and perversely “logical” tale of family grievance and revenge embodied in the tenacious performances of Neil Maskell and David Hayman.


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Saban Films will release the thriller BULL in Theaters on April 1st and On Demand and Digital on April 5th.

About the filmmaker – Paul Andrew Williams is an acclaimed writer and Bafta-winning director. His body of work to date includes the theatrical release of four feature films and prime-time television programming for the BBC and ITV. Paul’s films include the critically acclaimed London to Brighton, horror-comedy The Cottage, home invasion thriller Cherry Tree Lane and Song for Marion. In 2014 Paul directed Murdered by My Boyfriend for the BBC, which won the RTS Award for Single Drama and was the highest watched programme on BBC iPlayer behind Sherlock and Top Gear.  Following this he directed the critically acclaimed The Eichmann Show and in 2016/7 he was the lead director of BAFTA-winning drama series Broadchurch as well as directing the Bafta-winning Murdered For Being Different for BBC Studios. In 2018 he directed Strangers, starring John Simm and Emilia Fox, co-produced by ITV and Amazon Studios. Followed A Confession for ITV, written by Bafta winner Jeff Pope, starring Martin Freeman and Imelda Staunton. Most recently he has directed one of 4 Isolation Stories for ITV starring Angela Griffin and Darren Boyd. He has recently completed his fifth feature film ‘Bull’ with Neil Maskell and David Hayman that is due for release at the end of the year and is starting preproduction on an untitled Jeff Pope drama for ITV. Meanwhile ’The Fear Index’ which Paul co-wrote is about to start production with Left Bank pictures for Sky Atlantic.



100% on RottenTomatoes

“An intense, unflinching and riveting crime thriller.” – Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

“A must for fans of pulpy crime pictures.” – Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

“The film’s rejiggered timeline is a little hard to follow, but the climax swings for the fences and shows an unashamed verve for tale-telling that warms the cockles.” – Nicolas Rapold, New York Times

“Fans of mean, low-budget British crime pictures in the vein of Kill List will find much to admire.” – Wendy Ide, Observer (UK)

“An incredibly stirring, chilling study of violence that is more unhinged than most others.” – Nick Allen,

Until the Wheels Come Off – Co-directors Matt Dearborn & Rick Weis

UNTIL THE WHEELS COME OFF focuses on the 50 year old cyclist, John Tarlton, as he enters his second Race Across America. The race is considered to be the most grueling bike race in the world. John is an avid endurance athlete who competes  in extreme sports to raise money and awareness for cancer research at the Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI). In a race, where more than half of the participants don’t even finish, John is dead set on winning his division. With his loyal family, that includes his wife Jenny Dearborn and friends serving as his support crew as they embark on their arduous 12 day odyssey, stressing not only their physical limits, but their emotional limits as well. John, a gifted athlete, was a cyclist in college, leverages this passion for health by using his athletic ability to help others. To date,  he has participated in six endurance cycling events and donated 100% of the funds raised to SCI. Co-directors Matt Dearborn (Even Stevens, Z Nation) and Rick Weiss (Entourage, The Office) stops by to talk about how the documentary project came together from the hundreds of hours of footage, in multiple formats as well as exploring the behind the scenes drama that gives the film its emotional depth and resonants.

For news and updates go to:

About the filmmaker – Matt Dearborn has written over a hundred episodes of television and sold original ideas to nearly every major network; Netflix, Sony, FOX, HBO, NBC, CBS, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, Disney Channel and the Cartoon Network. His absurdist comic style has earned Mr. Dearborn three Emmy nominations and a BAFTA award for creating Even Stevens (Outstanding International Series.) Other accolades include nominations for the NAACP’s Image Award and the prestigious Environment Media Award.  Currently Mr. Dearborn is partnering with Karl Schaefer (Z Nation) on High Five, a feature about a band of twenty-something’s who pull off an Ocean’s Eleven like revenge heist. 

About the filmmakers – Rick Weis has working as a grip, electrician, best boy and gaffer on feature films such as “Crossworlds”, “Children of the Corn 5”, “The Glass Shield”, “Murder in the First” and “Pulp Fiction”. He transitioned to editing and immediately got an opportunity to work with legendary documentary filmmakers David Wolper and Robert Guenette on a 2 year CNN historical epic. His scripted credits include many well-known comedy and drama hits “Entourage” and “The Office”. 



Ride Till I Die – Director Tony Rammos

RIDE TILL I DIE follows the man from Davie, Florida, Ricky Ringer. Ricky comes for a troubled past. His father walked out on his family and Ricky was on his own at 15 years old, but he had already found solace in bull riding. The eight-second duel of man versus beast was his emancipation and Ricky was successful early and often. Prize money earned in the arena was adding up and a chance to make the pro circuit was in sight. But despite all his success, Ricky could never win a championship and with the rigorous schedule came a heavy price. Ricky suffered many injuries, including a horrific incident where his face was crushed in 2010 which nearly ended his career. Twenty-five years later, along with his son, Lil’ Ricky, and fellow rider Ernie Courson, Ricky continues to ride and despite warnings from his wife, mother, and his ailing body. In RIDE TILL I DIE Ricky realizes his time is running out. His body is constantly in pain as over two decades of bull riding has taken its toll. Despite all the broken bones and permanent scars, Ricky keeps riding. Ricky is determined to chase that elusive title or die trying. Director Tony Rammos joins us for a conversation on the insanely dangerous world of bull riding, cowboy culture and what makes Ricky Ringer ride.

For updates and screenings go to:

About the filmmaker – Director/ProducerTony Rammos took the long road to directing his first feature film, spending over 17 years in the television industry working in newsrooms, studio shoots, live events and on-remote locations. Eventually, Tony found his true love of storytelling by directing and producing a series of short documentary-style programs for World Fishing Network. That experience helped him in achieving his dream of entering the world of filmmaking. Tony earned his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, before completing a post graduate program in New Media and Journalism at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. An internship at a national sports television station followed and his career was born. An avid sports fan who`ll watch any major sporting event, Tony also enjoys traveling, attending concerts and working out, as long as something good is playing on the headphones.



The Business of Birth Control – Director Abby Epstein

In the legacy of their groundbreaking documentary THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN which revolutionized the way people think about childbirth, filmmakers Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake unpack the power structures surrounding the reproductive health industry complex. Sixty years after the pill revolutionized women’s emancipation, THE BUSINESS OF BIRTH CONTROL examines the complex relationship between hormonal birth control and women’s health and liberation. The documentary traces the feminist movement to investigate and expose the pill’s risks alongside the racist legacy of hormonal contraception and its ongoing weaponization against communities of color.  Weaving together the stories of bereaved parents, body literacy activists and femtech innovators, the film reveals a new generation seeking holistic and ecological alternatives to the pill while redefining the meaning of reproductive justice. Director Abby Epstein (Weed the People, Until the Violence Stops) joins us for a conversation on the confluence of historically poor understanding of women’s health, racial and gender-biased research, industry driven mis-information, and profit driven business interest that have warped the vision for what is best for women.


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Background – Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein first collaborated on their landmark documentary, The Business of Being Born—a grassroots phenomenon that has become required viewing for expectant parents and childbirth educators. The revelation that pregnant people were unaware of their childbirth options ignited a passion in Ricki and Abby to lift the veil on other areas of reproductive health.  After examining birth culture in America, they began investigating the business of hormonal contraceptives and the lack of birth control options. We are in a moment where women, non-binary, and trans folks are seeking body literacy and empowering forms of healthcare. The more informed we are about our bodies and our choices, the more we can advocate for ourselves.


TOPSIDE – Co-directors Logan George & Celine Held

TOPSIDE follows Nikki (Celine Held) and her five-year-old daughter Little (Zhaila Farmer) as they navigate a perilous life in a close-knit and loving existence in the cavernous subway tunnels beneath Manhattan. When city officials raid their encampment, mother and daughter are forced “topside” into a nocturnal world that is even more chaotic, menacing and unpredictable than their subterranean routine. TOPSIDE showcases an stunning central performance by Zhaila Farmer, making her feature-film debut, filmmakers Logan George and Celine Held (who also stars as Little’s mom, Nikki) cast a child’s-eye gaze onto two very different environments — one unspooling in muted darkness, the other in harsh and blinding light — eliciting wonder, fury and suspense out of a mother’s desperate and heartbreaking attempts to keep her child safe from harm across one frantic and frigid wintry night. Co-director and co-writers, Logan George and Celine Held join us for a conversation on their affecting tale of the deep love and sacrifice rooted in the parent-child bond and the daunting challenges of setting their riveting feature debut in the underbelly of New York City.

For more information go to:

Venice Film Festival, Critics’ Week Competition – Winner
South by Southwest – Jury Award Winner


TOPSIDE is now available through Vertical Entertainment in select theatres and on digital and VOD platforms.

About the filmmakers – Celine Held & Logan George – Writer & Director, ‘Nikki’ (Held), Editor (George) Celine Held & Logan George are a co-writer/director duo based in Brooklyn, New York. Logan & Celine’s debut feature film TOPSIDE will have its world premiere at the 77th Venice Film Festival in the International Critics’ Week Competition. Their work as a team has premiered in competition at Cannes Film Festival (Palme d’Or nominee 2018), Sundance Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, SXSW (Jury Award for Best Director 2020), among many more. They were named as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film in 2017. See more at



79% on RottenTomatoes

“Held delivers an unnerving and sophisticated performance… Farmer emerges as a true revelation, delivering the most sensitive and sophisticated child performance since Quevanzané Wallis.” -Eric Kohn, Indiewire

“Kinetic and riveting.” – Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“…in shining a stark and unflinching light at the marginalized, Held and George have made an arresting debut that certainly poises them as ones to watch in the future. – Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

“Held and Farmer have natural onscreen chemistry, bringing an almost docudrama realism to their characters’ shared fate even as it teeters on tragedy.” – Michael Nordine, Variety

“This is a first feature for co-directors Held and Logan George, and while small, it is something of a knockout.” – Dennis Harvey, 48 Hills

You Are Not My Mother – Director Kate Dolan

YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER picks up it’s harrowing tale  the week before Halloween and Char’s mother, Angela (Carolyn Branken), has inexplicably disappeared. All that remains is her abandoned car. When she returns home without explanation the following evening, it becomes clear to Char (Hazel Doupe) and her grandmother, Rita (Ingrid Craigie), that something is amiss. She might look and sound the same but Angela’s behavior   has become increasingly frightening, as if she has been replaced by a malevolent force. When Halloween arrives, a night steeped in ancient myth and legend, Char realizes that she is the only one who can save her, even if it means potentially losing her forever. Director and screenwriter Kate Dolan (Catcalls) joins us for a conversation on updating the folkloric tale of the changeling and the connection to a more modern and scientific context of mental health, as well as the razor sharp examination of the mother / daughter relationship, while scaring the pants of viewers. 


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About the filmmaker – Director, writer and editor Kate Dolan graduated with an Honours Degree in Film & Television Production from the National Film School, IADT in 2012where she majored in Directing and minored in Editing. Her graduate short Breathe In was selected for a number of Irish and international film festivals. In 2014, she directed a short called Little Doll at the Short Film Script Station. The film depicts the first same-sex crush of a young girl. her second film, Little Doll was included in the British Council’s  fiveFilms4freedom 2016 Global List – 33 inspiring people from around the world promoting freedom, equality and LGBT rights every day.In 2017, she directed Catcalls, an irreverent Horror about a sexual predator who gets whats coming to him. The film won Best Short Film at the YDA Ireland in 2018 and has played at many festivals all over the world including BFI London Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, and Fantasia Film Festival. In 2019 I was selected by Screen Ireland to take part in their inaugural POV scheme with a script Dolan wrote and will direct entitled You Are Not My Mother. The film had it’s premiere as part of the Midnight Madness strand at TIFF in September 2021. The came runner up in the Midnight Madness People’s Choice Awards. You Are Not My Mother also won the Jury Prize at the Festival de Gérardmer 2022.  Dolan was nominated for the Discovery Award at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival 2022 taking place in March.  For more go to:


86% on RottenTomatoes

“The film takes a strong script and turns it into something that must be watched more than once to be fully appreciated and showcases strong performances, especially from Hazel Doupe and Carolyn Bracken.” – Emilie Black, Cinema Crazed

“There’s a lot going on here but first time feature director Kate Dolan weaves all her narrative threads together seamlessly.” – Jennie Kermode Eye for Film

“Kate Dolans feature debut is a masterclass in tension from its bold opening to its bittersweet conclusion.” –

“More concerned with creating a slowburn of discomfort than with deploying jumpscares, it is driven by first-rate performances from Bracken and, in particular, rising star Doupe.” – Wendy Ide, Screen International

“What makes You Are Not My Mother such compelling viewing is how it seeks to defamiliarize our moral and ideological expectations surrounding women and the broader concept of strength, challenging us to think in more complex ways about gender and power.” – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, AWFJ Women on Film

Wood and Water – Director Jonas Bak

In his graceful feature film debut, WOOD AND WATER, German director Jonas Bak’s thoughtful explanation of a women at a spiritual crossroad moves seamlessly from the tall spires of the Black Forest to the teeming skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Newly retired from her church job, Anke dreams of spending time with her grown children—including her uncommunicative and elusive son, Max, who has been living for years in Hong Kong, and who is unable to join his mother and sister back in Germany due to the ongoing pro-democracy protests. In a daring decision, Anke, though suffering from loneliness and loss, travels to Hong Kong to find Max and perhaps also herself. The people she encounters, and her experience of the city help her to break down the inner walls she constructed years ago, and make way for a new chapter in her life. In his hushed, wholly original approach to this fish-out-of-water set-up, Bak constructs a gentle, ambiguous fable of becoming, shot on 16mm and featuring a wondrous, naturalistic performance by his own mother, Anke Bak. Director Jonas Bak joins us to talk about the his mother in the leading role, working the chaotic political struggle taking place in Hong Kong into a very personal story and finding a cast of actors and mostly non-actors to bring out the intuitive talent Anke possesses.


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About the filmmaker – Writer, Director, Editor Jonas Bak was born in Konstanz in 1985, and now based in Freiburg, Jonas Bak studied film directing at Edinburgh College of Art before moving to London in 2015, and then Hong Kong in 2018 to work as a freelance film director and director of photography. He wrote and directed two short films, WANDERDRACHEN (2016) and ONE AND MANY (2017), both of which were screened at international film festivals including Molodist, Curtacinema Rio de Janeiro and Pacific Meridian. WOOD AND WATER (2021) is his first feature film.


7 Days – Director Roshan Sethi

7 DAYS jumps into the world of arranged marriages through a pre-arranged date set-up by their old-fashioned Indian parents, Ravi (Karan Soni) and Rita (Geraldine Viswanathan). With apparently nothing in common, their afternoon date, while pleasant enough, couldn’t be any more awkward. Ravi’s conservative and clearly nervous, while Rita’s doing her best to politely keep on smiling. But then circumstances conspire and force Ravi to spend the night at Rita’s place. Before long, he sees that she’s not the straight-laced girl she initially pretended to be—for starters, she’s quick to pound a beer for breakfast. As their time stuck together stretches towards a full week, though, Ravi and Rita develop an unlikely bond, and in the face of a heartbreaking turn of events, that bond grows into something stronger. 7 DAYS is a delightful rom-com that doubles as a showcase for its two stars, Soni and Viswanathan, both of whom carry the film with their natural charm and easygoing chemistry, and a culturally specific spin on its genre’s familiar tropes. Optimistic and full of heart, director/co-writer  Roshan Sethi’s debut captures love in the time of isolation and will leave you on a feel-good high.


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Official Selection: BFI London, Tribeca Film Festival 2021

Independent Spirit Award Winner for Best First Feature

About the filmmaker – Director and Co-Writer, Roshan Sethi is a physician and screenwriter working at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He began writing as a student at Harvard Medical School and co-created Fox’s The Resident while finishing his residency. He has a miniseries on Sally Ride at Peacock/USA and a film titled Call Jane with Elizabeth Banks that’s currently shooting. 


83% on RottenTomatoes

“A charming romantic comedy.” – Lovia Gyarke, The Hollywood Reporter

“An impressive directorial debut.” – Elizabeth Weitzman, The Wrap

“A compact, empathetic wonder.” – Christian Gallichio, The Playlist

“A delightful, unique romantic-comedy… A top-notch showcase for its 2 lead actors.” – Darren Paltrowitz, The Hype Magazine

“A funny, modest charmer… each time the script could take a trite turn, it twists, rebuffing any easy magic.” – Lisa Kennedy, Variety

The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs – Director Pushpendra Singh

Director Pushpendra Singh’s latest film, THE SHEPHERDESS AND THE SEVEN SONGS is a stunningly beautiful feminist fable set in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, a lush mountainous region claimed by both India and Pakistan. Based on a folktale by Rajasthani writer Vidaydan Detha as well as the life and poetry of 14th century Kashmiri mystic Lalleshwari, SHEPHERDESS follows a young bride, Laila (Navjot Randhawa, in a ferocious and unforgettable performance) who marries into a tribe of nomadic Bakarwal herders. Already harassed by local police as a minority, Laila finds herself targeted for her remarkable beauty by local officials. Her implacable and ingenious manipulation of the men who want to possess her, and the patriarchy that wants to crush her, plays out in a series of seven chapters – the Song of Regret, the Song of Playfulness – each tied into the rapturously gorgeous score by Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor. Like the mystical films of Sergei Parajanov, Singh weaves breathtaking visuals and music into a hypnotic and indelible experience. The film’s truly cosmic climax, where Laila attempts to shed the bonds of male desire and infatuation pursuing her,  must be seen to be believed.  Award winning director and writer Pushpendra Singh joins us for a conversation on the orgin story for The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs, casting Navjot Randhawa in the title role, and beautifully shooting the film in a way that focuses on the context of the story as a way of bringing the content to life.


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Director’s Statement – “I was inspired by the feminist ideas in this folktale by Vijaydan Detha but wanted to make it as a contemporary story. I have always been interested in a folk aesthetic and am always fascinated to find connections in different folk cultures which highlight how oral traditions have traveled across the world over centuries. The ending of this folk tale reminded me of Lal Ded, the 14th century mystic poetess from Kashmir and this led me to adapt it there. We shot the film with the migration cycle of the Bakarwal nomads in three schedules in different seasons. ” – Pushendra Singh

About the filmmaker – Born in Sainyaa, near Agra, India in 1978. After studying at the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, he first worked as an actor and assistant director. In 2014, his directorial debut Lajwanti  screened in the Berlinale Forum. His second feature film, Ashwatthama, premiered in the New Currents Competition at the Busan International Film Festival while his hybrid film Maru ro moti was shown at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.  His fourth feature is, THE SHEPHERDESS AND THE SEVEN SONGS is the second of Singh’s films to be based on the works of celebrated Rajasthani writer Vidaydan Detha, taking inspiration from 14th-century Kashmiri mystic poetess Lalla Arifa Lalleshwari and folk storytelling traditions of the Bakharwal community in Kashmir.


93% on RottenTomatoes

“Has a lyrical, folk parable simplicity that instantly summons up memories of Indias greatest filmmaker, Satyajit Ray.” – Roger Moore, Movie Nation

“Folklore, feminism and film noir come together in Pushpendra Singh’s meticulously crafted fourth feature “The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs.” – Richard Kuipers, Variety

“The film speaks lyrically to a peoples’ determination to find a meaningful way to live in a rapidly changing modern world.” – Derek Smith, Slant Magazine

“Singh’s methodically well-paced film slowly escalates a potential for betrayal and disaster, mirroring the tightrope stakes of great neo-noirs.” – Glenn Heath Jr., The Film Stage

“The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs feels like a fairy-tale that deals with all-too-real events. Yet Singh ensures that the plot never veers too far into either surrealism or realism.” – Alex Saveliev, Film Threat

Peter Case: A Million Miles Away – Director Fred Parnes

Musician Peter Case has lived a life of constant change, soaring highs, and soul-crushing lows. From the frigid suburbs of Buffalo NY, to his early years living and busking on the streets of San Francisco, to formative experiences with punk band The Nerves and leading the LA power-pop legends The Plimsouls, and now his decades-long, Grammy-nominated solo career, this film walks a million miles in the shoes of one of America’s last great troubadours. brilliant, elusive, sometimes infuriating, and always fascinating Peter Case. A gifted musician who had never found the widespread acclaim they deserved, but who had still managed to find a place in the unforgiving landscape of the music business. Peter Case is a unique and compelling artist with a fascinating life story both heartbreaking and hopeful, who had spent the past four decades steadfastly answering his artistic calling. A dynamic performer, a gifted raconteur with a master storyteller’s flair, a passion for social justice, and a ripping sense of humor. Peter Case: A Million Miles Away features many of Peter’s friends and colleagues, including singer/songwriters; Ben Harper, Steve Earle, Victoria Williams, Jack Lee as well as producers; Van Dyke Parks, Mitchell Froom, Steven Soles, Hobart Taylor and Denise Sullivan. Director Fred Parnes (A Man Is Mostly Water) joins us to talk about his riveting portrait of a musician and artist who has made a career out of charting his own course.


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About the filmmaker –  Fred Parnes’ first film was Spread the Word, a documentary about a cappella legends The Persuasions. It had a long festival run before finding its eventual home on PBS.  He followed that with the indie comedy A Man Is Mostly Water, which featured the first screen performance of actor Anton Yelchin. He was nominated for Best Screenplay at the 2008 Independent Spirit Award for Starting Out in the Evening, which he wrote and produced with director Andrew Wagner.They re-teamed in 2017 to write and produce Breakable You, starring Holly Hunter, Tony Shalhoub and Alfred Molina. In 2019 he directed the interviews for the documentary Love, Antosha.


The Last Mountain – Director Chris Terrill and Producer Olivia Lichtenstein

THE LAST MOUNTAIN chronicles Tom Ballard, a British rock climber, alpinist and the son of mountaineer Alison Hargreaves, who perished on K2 in 1995. Mother and son, two of the greatest climbers of all time, died at almost the same age, in the same mountain range, both doing what they loved best. Directed by Emmy award-winner Chris Terrill and produced by BAFTA award winner Olivia Lichtenstein, THE LAST MOUNTAIN follows Kate Ballard on an emotional journey to say goodbye to her brother on Nanga Parbat. Using archive footage from 1995 and Tom’s own extraordinary footage taken up until the days before his death, the film explores what made Tom continue his ascent with Italian climber Daniele Nardi after the  other two members of the expedition turned back. Combining years of intimate, unseen family archive with footage of the family that director, Chris Terrill, has shot in the years since Alison’s passing, the documentary tells the unforgettable story of a family who lived – and were prepared to die – for the love of scaling the icy heights of the world’s highest peaks, and explore what it is that drives people to pit themselves against nature at its most ferocious and unforgiving. THE LAST MOUNTAIN features revealing interviews with those left behind, among them: Alison’s widower, Jim Ballard, Tom’s sister, Kate, Stefy, Tom’s girlfriend, Karim Hayat, who left the expedition stating he ‘did not want to lose [his] life there,’ and Alex Txikon who led the search for Tom and Daniele and found their bodies. Director Christopher Terrell and Producer Olivia Lichtenstein join us for a moving conversation on the dynamics of a family enthralled by the mystery and the danger of the earth’s most forbidding peaks and their own personal journey chronicling the enthralling saga of a caring and loving family willing to risk everything.


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THE LAST MOUNTAIN will be released in the U.S. on Digital and on Demand from March 15, 2022. 



What elevates The Last Mountain is its coverage of the culpability issue. The film illustrates how we applaud and admire thrill-seekers for the risks they take, yet when things go wrong the impulse is to look for someone else to blame.“ – Jim Schembri,

“This does make The Last Mountain an intimate and proud telling of his story though and something that may have made Tom proud to leave behind as his legacy.” – Joel Fisher, Battle Royale With Cheese

I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing – Director Patricia Rozema

I’VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING is a charming and whimsical story about a daydreamer with artistic aspirations, Patricia Rozema’s fanciful character study follows an amateur photographer Polly (Sheila McCarthy) as she lands a temp job at a Toronto art gallery run by elegant and sophisticated Gabrielle (Paule Baillargeon), who is also a painter.  Polly is impressed with Gabrielle’s paintings, but as Polly gets to know Gabrielle’s lover, Mary (Ann-Marie MacDonald), and becomes entangled in their lives, she realizes that Gabrielle isn’t exactly who she appears to be. The absent-minded temp with spiky orange hair and the polished curator with a gift for gab are like night and day, yet a strong connection builds between these two women through their shared love of art, and their genuine curiosity and need for love. Winner of the Prix de la Jeunesse at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival and went on to win numerous awards, I’VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING was ranked in TIFF’s list of Top 10 Canadian Films of all time. Director, producer and writer Patricia Rozema stops by to talk about why I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing was such a a groundbreaking film in 1987, the casting of the pitch-perfect Sheila McCarthy in the title role of Polly, her own career post-Mermaids and the re-release of the film by the prestigious film distributor Kino Lorber.


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I’VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING, will opens at Metrograph in New York City on March 11, and at Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles on March 18th. Expanding to select cities nationwide in Spring 2022.

About the filmmaker – Director, producer, writer Patricia Rozema was born in Kingston, ON and raised in the small town of Sarnia, Ontario in a Dutch Calvinist immigrant family where television was severely restricted. Rozema didn’t go to a movie theater until she was 16 years old. After a brief stint in television journalism, her first feature, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, a magical realist film about a socially inept secretary in an art gallery, made one of the most outstanding feature debuts in the history of Canadian cinema. At the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, in the Director’s Fortnight, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing won the Prix de la Jeunesse and was runner-up for the Camera D’Or (best first feature). The film opened the Toronto International Film Festival and ranked in TIFF’s list of Top 10 Canadian Films of all time.Rozema directed Six Gestures as part of the Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach series.In 1995, she wrote and directed an interracial lesbian love story, When Night is Falling. Her next films were made outside of Canada. Rozema’s elegant progressive adaptation of Mansfield Park (1999, UK, Miramax) with Harold Pinter, Jonny Lee Miller, Frances O’Conner, Alessandro Nivola, Lindsay Duncan, and Embeth Davitz included the then controversial inclusion of a sub-plot critiquing Western colonialism and how slavery was “paying for this tea party.” Her socially conscious children’s film which predicted the US economic collapse, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008) starred Abigail Breslin, Stanley Tucci, Julia Ormond, Chris O’Donnell, Joan Cusack, Wallace Shawn, Glenn Hedley, and Jane Krakowski.In 2000, Rozema was invited to direct Happy Days (2000), part of an Irish production filming all of Samuel Beckett’s plays which included Anthony Minghella, Neil Jordan, and David Mamet. In 2009, Rozema co-wrote Grey Gardens for HBO starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. She received an Emmy nomination, a Writer’s Guild nomination, and a PEN USA award.  In 2016, Rozema adapted and directed the feature film Into the Forest with Elliot Page and Evan Rachel Wood, Max Minghella, a deeply unnerving post-apocalyptic story about two sisters surviving in the forest when all power has gone out for reasons unknown.Rozema’s feature, Mouthpiece (2018), was adapted from a play of the same name by Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava.Most recently, she has directed the pilot for Netflix’s hit series Sex/Life. Rozema holds an honorary doctorate from the Ontario Academy of Art & Design University. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 



“[Rozema] uses a seemingly simple style to make some quiet and deep observations… [McCarthy] has one of those faces that speaks volumes, and she is able to be sad without being depressing, funny without being a clown.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“[Rozema’s] vivid and surprising imagination, coupled with a startlingly original performance by Sheila McCarthy, help make the film a rare and unexpected delight.” – Bob Thomas, Associated Press

“Fantasy and deft storytelling weave together in this delightful comedic drama. Polly remains one of my favourite Canadian film characters.” – Linda Barnard, Reader’s Digest Canada

“Gracefully directed. Alternately whimsical and heartbreaking, with a generous dose of fantasy. Shows an artist very much in tune with her voice.” – The Flick Chick

“Anyone who has ever yearned to break out the mold of a restricted life will find I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing an enchanting and poetic epiphany. Bravo!” – Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

“A short, sweet, enjoyable comedy, with a winning performance by McCarthy.” – Rob Gonsalves,

The Pink Cloud – Director Iuli Gerbase

Iuli Gerbase’s eerily prescient debut feature film, THE PINK CLOUD, drops us into a time where life changes for people all over the world when a toxic and mysterious pink cloud has appeared, forcing the world indoors immediately and indefinitely. In Brazil, Giovana (Renata de Lélis) finds herself stuck in her apartment with a man she just met, Yago (Eduardo Mendonça). But their carefree one-night stand grows into a years-long relationship complicated by a child and  increasingly divergent worldviews as they try to imagine a future from the depths of a potentially never-ending lockdown. THE PINK CLOUD was written in 2017 and shot in 2019, this stunning, slow-burn sci-fi debut from writer/director luli Gerbase is both an all to familiar reflection of our recent reality and a cathartic exploration of hope and despair, love and fear, and the boundlessness and limits of our ability as humans to adapt. Director and writer Iuli Gerbase joins us to talk about the inspiration for the film, creating a palpable sense of enveloping dread in the look of the film and creating a claustrophobic space for Giovanna and Yago to experience love, death, sex, boredom, parenting, contempt, indifference, and grudging respect.


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On Digital/VOD March 1, 2022

About the filmmaker – Iuli Gerbase, born in Brazil, is currently in the post-production process of her first feature film as a director and screenwriter, a drama called The Pink Cloud. She has written and directed six short films, that won many awards and were selected for festivals like Havana Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Festin, Oaxaca Film Festival, Festival de Brasília and Kinoforum. One of her others feature film projects, called Mergulho, won first place at the international screenplay competition Guiões, in Portugal, and was a semifinalist at Cabíria, a Brazilian award for stories with female leads. Iuli holds a master’s degree in Creative Writing, focused on screenplay,  and an undergraduate degree in Cinema. For more go to:


92% on RottenTomatoes

“Staggeringly original… will make you wonder if writer/director

Iuli Gerbase is a prophet.” – Jourdain Searles, Hyperallergic

“Haunting and riveting in the best way.” – Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

“Uncanny [and] ambitious.” – Carlos Aguilar, Roger

“Extraordinary” – David Sims, The Atlantic

 “Nails lockdown life with aching, precise accuracy… Might endure as more era-evocative than many of the intentional pandemic dramas to come.” – Guy Lodge, Variety

 “Oddly therapeutic… with thoughtful camerawork and surreal production design elements propelling its observations into spine-tingling familiarity.” – Tomris Laffly, Harper’s Bazaar

Ultrasound – Director Rob Schroeder

ULTRASOUND follows Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) driving home late at night during a heavy rainstorm, Glen experiences car trouble. Near where his car gets stuck, he spots a house, knocks on the door and is greeted by an oddly friendly middle-aged man, Arthur (Bob Stephenson), and his younger wife, Cyndi, (Chelsea Lopez). The strange couple pours him a drink, and then more drinks, followed by an unexpected offer that Glen can’t refuse. Elsewhere, a young woman, Katie (Rainey Qualley), is feeling emotionally weighed down by a secret romantic arrangement that feels like a textbook case of gaslighting. And at the same time, in a nondescript research facility, medical professional Shannon (Breeda Wool) begins questioning her role in a bizarre experiment, fearing that she’s doing more harm than good. Director Rob Schroeder joins us for a conversation on his collaboration with Conor Stechschulte (Generous Bosoms) and Cinematographer Mathew Rudenberg (Sun Choke) in this mind bending story of deception, manipulation. political power and altered reality.


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About the filmmaker – Rob Schroeder began his film career as a music video director and independent producer. He co-founded Lodger Films in Los Angeles and currently produces and directs the Emmy®-winning PBS series “Variety Studio: Actors On Actors,” now in its 14th season. ULTRASOUND is his feature film directorial debut.



92% on RottenTomatoes

“Schroeder’s feature debut is an assured and entertaining puzzle that has cult classic written all over it. It comes highly recommended to fans of Christopher Nolan’s work like Memento.” – Martin Unsworth, Starburst

“A technical and narrative stroke of brilliance, Ultrasound is an ever expanding slice of science fiction that could easily be the baby of David Cronenberg.” – Kat Hughes, THN

“…creating a film which is both captivating and breath-taking.” – Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

“here different interests – scientific, political, military, personal – vie for control over a narrative that’s fast coming to term.” – Anton Bitel, Sight & Sound

“a hypnotic, paranoid experiment in the sort of psychological manipulations that are the natural province of advertisers, abusers, agents of social control – and of course filmmakers.” – Movies on Weekends

Family Squares – Director Stephanie Laing

FAMILY SQUARES drops us into the dysfunctional world of the Worths. When Grandma Mabel dies suddenly, they must set aside their differences and come together. Mayhem quickly ensues as long buried family secrets bubble to the surface with a shocking revelation. But, as they begin to find their way back to each other, they soon realize that while you can’t choose your family, you can choose to be friends with them. FAMILY SQUARES features an all-star cast the includes; Ann Dowd (Hereditary), Elsie Fisher (Eighth  Grade), Judy Greer (Archer), Billy Magnussen (No Time To Die), Margo Martindale (August: Osage County), Sam Richardson (Veep), Timothy Simons (Veep), June Squibb (Nebraska), Casey Wilson (Saturday Night Live), Scott MacArthur (Halloween Kills), Zoë Chao (Love Life), Jessica Miesel (The Resident), Maclaren Laing (Eastbound & Down), and Henry Winkler (Happy Days). Director and co-writer Stephanie Laing (Veep) joins us to talk about her boisterous, poignant, funny, heartfelt, recognizable and loving look at a family mournfully undergoing a stress test during a pandemic in a Zoom-centric new world order.


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About the filmmaker – Emmy Award winning television producer and director Stephanie Laing launched her production career partnering with Tracy Ullman on her popular sketch comedy show Tracey Takes On… Next came the HBO series Little Britain, followed by Documental, Eastbound and Down and  Veep, where she expanded her repertoire, directing two episodes in Season 4. Laing recently produced and directed her first film short, Trouble & the Shadowy Deathblow, starring Emmy Award winning actor Tony Hale, which won Best of the Festival at the Toronto International Short Film Fest. She has also been brought on as Executive Producer for the new Danny McBride HBO series Vice Principals. 



86% on RottenTomatoes

“The emotional hardship of being far from home during a crisis has never been more relatable, but viewers may need more distance from quarantine life to really appreciate this pandemic dramedy. – Tara McNamara. Common Sense Media

“Secrets are revealed, hilarity ensues, and beneath all the bickering and madcap moments of comedy, a touching film emerges exposing the unconditional love at the heart of every family. Superb cast.” – Joe Friar, Fort Worth Report

“A strong argument can be made that there have already been too many pandemic movies. This seems like it is going to be another, but it is not long before the excellent writing and strong characters show there is something more. Funny and heartwarming.” – Nathaniel Muir, AIPT

“Stephanie Laing’s Family Squares is mostly Zoom reliant but is also a fun treat with delightful performances by Judy Greer, hottie Billy Magnussen, Margo Martindale, Timothy Simons, Ann Dowd and Henry Winkler.” – Frank J. Avella, Edge Media Network

Dear Mr. Brody – Director Keith Maitland

Dear Mr. Brody begins in January 1970 with a hippie-millionaire Michael Brody Jr., 21-year-old heir to a margarine fortune, announcing to the world that he would personally usher in a new era of peace and love by giving away his $25-million inheritance to anyone in need. In a frenzied few weeks, Brody and his young wife, Renee, ignited a psychedelic spiral of events. Instant celebrities, the Brody’s were mobbed by the public, scrutinized by the press, and overwhelmed by the crush of personal letters responding to this extraordinary offer. Fifty years later, an enormous cache of these letters are discovered—unopened. In this riveting follow-up to his acclaimed TOWER, award-winning director Keith Maitland reveals the incredible story of Michael Brody Jr.— and the countless struggling Americans who sought his help—to create a deeply moving meditation on desire, need, philanthropy, and love. Director Keith Maitland (Tower, A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story) join’s for a conversation on this extraordinary starburst of a  “happening” that revealed the pain and struggle of ordinary people who saw the Mr. Brody as hope.


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About the filmmaker – Keith Maitland follows up the Emmy-winning TOWER with a psychedelic look at money, desire—and ultimately, love—with his fourth nonfiction feature, Dear Mr. Brody. producer and screenwriter, Maitland lives in Austin, TX with his wife (producer / cinematographer) Sarah Wilson, and their 6-year-old production-assistant/son, Theo. On the heels of TOWER, an animated school-shooting documentary, Variety named Maitland one of “10 Documakers to Watch.” In 2016-2017, TOWER won multiple festival awards, received PGA, Gotham, and Peabody nominations and won the first-ever Critic’s Choice Award for Most Innovative Documentary, as well as the Emmy for Best Historical Documentary. Maitland began his career on the streets of New York, working on the fiction side of the industry as a DGA Trainee and Assistant Director. After 7-seasons with NBC’s Law & Order, and work on a variety of features, Maitland was inspired by his documentary- photographer wife, Sarah Wilson, to try his hand at non-fiction storytelling. Wilson is the cinematographer of both TOWER and Dear Mr. Brody. She serves as a Producer on DEAR MR. BRODY as well. Together they own Go-Valley, a production compound in East Austin.  In addition to developing new documentaries, Maitland works as a screenwriter (partnered with New York Times reporter Matt Apuzzo) and he’s currently attached to direct Nobody’s Money, a fictionalized adaptation of one of Apuzzo’s articles. To find out more about Keith’s work go to:


100% on RottenTomatoes

“A poignant, multifaceted investigation of universal dreams, desires and heartbreaking struggles.” – Nick Schager, Variety

“Inventive… offers a surprising statement on American hope, endurance and goodwill.” – John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“A wildly entertaining, bonkers ride.” – Pete Hammond, Deadline

”Builds to a remarkable kind of emotional catharsis — stories lost to history, unleashed for future consideration.” – Erik Kohn, Indiewire

“An absolute must see”. – Jeff Sneider, Collider

“Wonderfully strange, funny, and dark… it’s a movie worthy of Billy Wilder.” – Kevin Jagernauth, – The Playlist

“Incredibly powerful…The intentions of this documentary are gorgeous, and its belief in Americans, past, present, and future is a force to be reckoned with.” – Nick Allen, Roger

Asking For It – Director Eamon O’Rourke

ASKING FOR IT follows the story of a small town waitress Joey (Kiersey Clemons) in the aftermath of a sexual assault by her old friend Mike (Casey Cott). Joey befriends mysterious stranger Regina (Alexandra Shipp) who introduces her to The Cherry Bombers, an all femme gang including Beatrice (Vanessa Hudgens), Lily (Leslie Stratton), Sal (Radha Mitchell), Jett (Leyna Bloom), Angie (Lisa Yaro), Fala (Casey Camp-Horinek), and Rudy (Gabourey Sidibe). The Cherry Bombers, all suffering from their own past traumas, have come together to fight a seek some measure of justice in misogynistic society by targeting violent frat boys, a corrupt police force of human traffickers led by Sheriff Morel (David Patrick Kelly), and the dangerous alt-right group MFM (Men’s First Movement) headed by Mark Vanderhill (Ezra Miller). As Joey is drawn further into their chaotic world, Sal’s old flame, Logan County Sheriff Vernon (Luke Hemsworth), investigates MFM, leading to a thrilling showdown. Together the Cherry Bombers strive to take down a society overpowered by corrupt men and seek the ultimate revenge while getting their own version of justice. Director Eamon O’Rourke stops by to talk about the inspiration for the story behind his directorial debut, inverting the male-dominant “action” film tropes and assembling a cast of established and up and coming terrific actors.

Watch at: For It



“Careful casting is equally essential to balance any heavy-handedness, and Clemons, Shipp, and Mitchell in particular flood the screen with charisma.” – Elizabeth Weitzman, TheWrap

“Eamon O’Rourke hits a home run directorial debut creating thought provoking, kinetic tale where women are taking their power and control back while kicking butt and taking names.” – Carla Renata,