Filmmakers for the Prosecution – Producer Sandra Schulberg (Director Jean-Christophe Klotz)

Adapted from Sandra Schulberg’s monograph, Filmmakers for the Prosecution retraces the thrilling hunt for film evidence used to convict the Nazis at the rst Nuremberg trial. The searchers were two sons of Hollywood – brothers Budd and Stuart Schulberg – serving under the command of OSS lm chief John Ford. The motion pictures they presented in the courtroom became part of the social record and shape our understanding of the Holocaust to this day. Seventy-five years after the trial, French journalist and filmmaker Jean-Christophe Klotz returns to the German salt mines where films lay burning, uncovers never-before-seen footage, and interviews key figures to unravel why the resulting film about the  trial – Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today by Stuart Schulberg – was intentionally buried by the U.S. Department of War. Klotz’s riveting lm also fills in the gaps of how these groundbreaking materials were sourced, and poses still-pertinent questions about the power of lm to write history. Producer Sandra Schulberg joins us for a conversation on the historic seminal importance of the film, the wide-ranging search for archival Nazi film, and the concerted effort by members of her family, Budd and Stuart Schulberg, and film icon John Ford to produce a film that would bring a measure of justice to war criminals and Holocaust perpetrators. 


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About the filmmaker – After restoring Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today, Co-Producer and Author of “Filmmakers for the Prosecution” monograph, Sandra Schulberg served as media consultant to Benjamin Ferencz, the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor (now 102), and helped develop a lm about him, Prosecuting Evil, by Barry Avrich. Schulberg is now president of IndieCollect, a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, restore, and reactivate extraordinary American independent films. IndieCollect has archived thousands of lm negatives since 2013 and restored nearly 70 of them, including F.T.A. produced by and starring Jane Fonda, Girls Town, Nationtime, Cane River, Jazz on a Summer’s Day, Thank You and Good Night, Shadow Magic, Thousand Pieces of Gold, Tokyo Pop, The War At Home. Before turning to restoration, Schulberg was a producer and advocate for “O-Hollywood” filmmakers, founding the IFP in 1978-79 and co-founding First Run Features in 1980. Her movie credits include Waiting for the Moon, winner of the Sundance Grand Prize, and the Oscar-nominated Quills

About the filmmaker – A journalist and war correspondent by training, Director Jean-Christophe Klotz’s reporting took him to Rwanda to document the genocide and its aftermath in three films, Kigali, des images contre un massacre (2006), Lignes de front (2009) and Retour a Kigali (2019). Mogadishu in Agony is his portrait of the Somali capital ravaged by civil war and famine. He also makes films about American society and culture, notably The Routes of Terror about 9/11; The Race for Black Gold, about the Sino-US oil rivalry; and John Ford, The Man Who Invented America. His latest lm is a portrait of Bret Easton Ellis called Tueur, trader et psychopathe – L’Amérique de Bret Easton Ellis


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“HAUNTING AND VIVID. What this documentary shows is how a vital and indispensable principle of humanity was restored.” – A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“MESMERIZING. Nuremberg couldn’t be more of the moment. Something of a minor miracle.” – Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

“The reason it has the power to shock, appall and infuriate is because of its truth.” – Stuart Klawans, The Nation

“RIVETING. More powerful than any ctional courtroom drama could hope to be.” – Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine