Navalny – Director Daniel Roher

Director Daniel Roher explores the life and work of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who, after years of campaigning against corruption, has developed powerful enemies – including President Vladimir Putin. In August 2020, Navalny was secretly poisoned with a military-grade chemical nerve agent in a shockingly brazen attempt on his life. Beyond his staff and his loyal family, Navalny ends up being secretly surrounded by a small  group of investigative journalists including Bulgarian Christo Grozev with Bellingcat and Russian Maria Pevchikh with the Anti-Corruption Foundation who knew that the state would not investigate the poisoning. What to do with their findings culminates with Navalny’s highly publicized return to Moscow on January 17, 2021. After being transferred to Germany for medical attention, a recovering Navalny worked closely with international news organizations Bellingcat and CNN to investigate the crime, ultimately linking the poison to Russian security services, despite denials from the Kremlin. Eye-opening and revelatory, NAVALNY chronicles the politician and activist’s brave stand against the government that tried to silence him – and his never-ending fight for democracy. Director Daniel Roher (Once We Were Brothers) stops by to talk about the 2023 Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature, what he did and did not know about Navalny, Vladimir Putin, Russian politics, gaining the trust of Alexei’s inner circle, and his personal reaction to some of the mind-boggling events that unfolded in front of his camera.


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About the filmmaker – Daniel Roher’s films have taken him to every corner of the globe, from Japan to Uganda to Nunavut and beyond. His feature documentary debut, ONCE THEY WERE BROTHERS: ROBBIE ROBERTSON AND THE BAND was executive produced by Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard. It was the opening night film at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival



99% on RottenTomatoes

“An inspiring and profoundly important story.”  – Variety

★★★★ “This is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling documentaries to be released this, or any, year.” – The Times

★★★★ “A genuinely exciting piece of storytelling, a propulsive real-life quest for truth” – Observer

★★★★ “A pulsing thriller that would give one of the early Bourne movies a run for its money.”  – TimeOut

★★★★  “Roher’s doc is told with refreshing frankness, immediately compelling through the screen presence of its central subject.” – The i Paper

“It’s a swift, inspiring, propulsive film with a dashing and intelligent central figure” – Deadline

“Thrilling, intelligent, insightful, and even moving… Roher has made the absolute most of his astonishing access to deliver a compelling and crucial documentation of this period of history.” – POV Magazine

“Nalvany is a must-see film.” – Uproxxx

“There has never been a documentary quite like Daniel Roher’s Navalny” –