Out of the Loop – Director Scott Perlman

OUT OF THE LOOP dives into the stories and observations of comedy veterans that includes Deon Cole, Hannibal Burris, Godfrey, Chris Redd, Lil Rel Howery, Jeff Garlin, the late Judy Tenuta, and other notable comics talk about the trial and tribulations of beginning their comedy careers in the city of Chicago, where the comedy scene is as polarized and segregated as the city itself. Editor and Producer Scott Perlman (Andover, The Love Witch) joins us for a conversation on the wealth of very talented stand up comedians and improv legends that have either grown up in Chicago or made their breakthrough in the stages of clubs and theatres on the racial and cultural mean streets of Chicago, why the audiences of  the town are such a tough crowd to win over and  the local legends that have been embraced by them.

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About the filmmaker – Scott Perlman is an award winning writer and director from Chicago. He directed the feature film Andover which received the Best Film and audience award at the Orlando Film Festival, created the iTV festival grand prize winning Going to Pot, won Emmys for Fox Sports Make ’em Forget and Light it up Like Vegas, a Promax for Warner Brother’s The Mummy, and received a Page International Screenwriting Gold Prize for Kate & Edith. Scott studied improv at The Second City with Martin de’Maat and attended The University of Iowa where he received a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology.


“It’s a frequently thankless, competitive, brutal occupation, but when a performer clicks with an audience, it’s also addictive. And Out of the Loop captures the entirety of that experience quite beautifully.” – Steven Prokopy, Third Coast Review

“I loved the Chicago stand up era described in this film, so called me biased, big deal. There is a nice twist in this talking head doc, different than I thought it would be, but very necessary in any look at Chicago history. Star Packed & City Gritty!” – Patrick McDonald, HollywoodChicago.com

“A funny and surprisingly insightful look at Chicago comedy. It highlights how there is more to Chicago than The Second City improv group.” – Nathaniel Muir, AIPT