Rowdy Girl – Director Jason Goldman

Executive produced by Moby, ROWDY GIRL showcases the inspiring work of Renee King-Sonnen, a former Texas cattle rancher who in 2015, after a spiritual awakening, left the cruel cycle of animal agriculture. After going vegan, King-Sonnen and her husband, Tommy Sonnen, transformed her husband’s beef operation into Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary that seeks to rescue farm animals from factory farming. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, located between San Antonio and Houston, in Waelder, TX, has a mission to educate the public about the cruelties of factory farming, to advocate a vegan lifestyle, and to inspire other ranchers to experience a paradigm shift and help them move from participating in the cruelty of factory farming to living with compassion towards the animals whose lives usually end in brutal death. Renee has lived on both sides of the fence, proving that there is a common ground between farmers and vegans: a shared mission of compassion and sustainability. Filmmaker Jason Goldman’s verité style documentary lovingly captures the dynamic connection between Renee, her husband Tommy and the hooved and feathered friends who inhabit Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Director / Producer Jason Goldman stops by for a conversation on his goal in making Rowdy Girl was to work on a project that reflected his personal values and giving Renee a platform to reach a wider audience, particularly farmers who she believes can change the world by moving to more sustainable and humane care of our furry friends. 


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Argot Pictures is proud to present the US theatrical release of ROWDY GIRL, a documentary film by Jason Goldman. ROWDY GIRL will open at the Firehouse DCTV in New York on May 31st, and at Laemmle Monica in Los Angeles on June 7th. Select cities will follow.

About the filmmaker – Jason Goldman is a director/producer from New York City. His earliest filmmaking experience came under acclaimed documentarian Albert Maysles where he learned the foundation of direct cinema. He’s produced award winning shorts, feature length films, and documentaries. In 2018 he produced the award winning doc “Sidelined” in conjunction with A&E IndieFilm which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. “Rowdy Girl,” his directorial debut, was recently signed with The Film Collaborative and Impronta Films covering worldwide representation for a 2023 release. Go to:



“A provocative, vital and engrossing documentary” – Avi OfferNYC Movie Guru