Unfriending – Co-directors Jason & Brett Butler

UNFRIENDING is a dark comedy of manners about a group of friends that includes Blake and his girlfriend, May. The dinner party is the cover story for a  ‘life intervention’ that focuses on the outcast of the group, Isaac, where the friend group tells him all the reasons he has become a burden to them and society in general, and that he should really just kill himself already. This off-kilter comedy is brought to life by a talented cast that includes Sean Meldrum, Simone Jetsun, Michael Pearson, Jenna Vittoria, Rachelle Lauzon, Honor Spencer, Golden Madison, and Alex Stone. After years of turning the Canadian film scene on its head with their fiercely independent, trend-bucking works, Toronto’s dynamic duo, The Butler Brothers (Jason & Brett), join us to talk what inspired this dark comedy, their first US theatrical release in Unfriending, and working together for the last 20 years writing, directing, producing and editing.


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Opening on March 8 at the  Laemmle Glendale inclluding weekend Q & A’s hosted by Canadian directing duo Jason & Brett Butler

About the filmmakers – SubProd are maverick producers and filmmaking brothers Brett and Jason Butler. Based out of Toronto, the Butler Brothers have over 20 years experience in creating and packaging projects from the ground up. Dedicated to creating bold, exciting and original content for film and television, we can assess your project strengths and weaknesses to help build your unique path to production. From producing, script consulting, story editing and pitch packaging to post production, editing, and marketing the Butler Brothers have firsthand experience in how to get your movie made. 


100% on RottenTomatoes

“Once audiences know what kind of movie they’re getting, they’ll surely be entertained. The filmmakers balance the humor and tension nicely, and the cast is superb.” – Bobby LePire, Film Threat

“Things get uncomfortable, strained, then strange and horrifying, with a very dark key theme which is teased apart and explored throughout the film. It works very well; it’s low-key, but brutal in its way nonetheless.” – Keri O’Shea, Warped Perspective

“This black comedy is a sharp satire on cancel culture and the 20something “me generation” in particular. Highly comic, highly weird and a pointed meditation on the meaning of survival amidst a digital world that is increasingly judgmental.” – Patrick McDonald, HollywoodChicago.com

“A disquieting, subversive story of unchecked narcissism, barbarous intimidation, cold-blooded violence, and the absolute worst friends on Earth.” – Louisa Moore, Screen Zealots