Meadowland, Director Reed Morano

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In the hazy aftermath of an unimaginable loss, Sarah and David deal with the unthinkable in the wake of their son’s disappearance. David, a New York City policeman, attempts a more traditional form of healing, only to lose his moral compass. Sarah goes down an unexpected path towards acceptance as she places herself in increasingly dangerous situations. From cinematographer Reed Morano in her directorial debut, Meadowland presents powerful performances by Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson alongside Giovanni Ribisi, Elisabeth Moss, John Leguizamo, Kevin Corrigan, Merritt Wever and Juno Temple. Director Reed Morano joins us to talk about this wrenching story, grief, relationships under stress and her work with an outstanding ensemble of actors.

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“The leads make unbearable pain bearable to watch – Wilson is the sympathetic everyman once again, while Wilde displays depths of feeling she’s rarely gotten the chance to exhibit before.” – Michael Nordine, Village Voice

“Meadowland’s visual style is all about the faces: deep close-ups predominate, eyes, mouths, eyebrows, suggesting that the larger world, with its distractions and crowds and lights, has vanished for this couple.” – Sheila O’Malley,

“The film is a credible and sensitive portrayal of crippling grief.” – Elise Nakhnikian, Slant Magazine

“”Meadowland” is a methodical and at times very compelling film that presents an intimate portrait of grief and hopelessness. Wilde delivers her finest acting performance of her career yet and is simply astonishing.” – Clayton Davis,

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