Friday, November 29, 2015 – Entertainment, Actor Greg Turkington

Entertainment film posterENTERTAINMENT, directed by Rick Alverson and written by Rick Alverson, Gregg Turkington, and Tim Heidecker is the story of a broken, aging comedian tours the California desert, lost in a cycle of third-rate venues, novelty tourist attractions, and vain attempts to reach his estranged daughter. By day, he slogs through the barren landscape, inadvertently alienating every acquaintance. At night, he seeks solace in the animation of his onstage persona. Fueled by the promise of a lucrative Hollywood engagement, he trudges through a series of increasingly surreal and volatile encounters. In Alverson’s hallucinatory fugue, Gregg Turkington stars as The Comedian, caught in a struggle between being the center of attention and the object of alienation, occasionally challenged by an unexpected cast of characters played by Tye Sheridan, John C. Reilly, Michael Cera, and Amy Seimetz. Greg Turkington gives a brave, uncompromising performance as The Comedian in this daring and rewarding ride through a personal and cultural hellscape.

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Entertainment opens on November 19th at the Cinefamily in Los Angeles –

“A Twisted Existential Comedic Masterwork” – The Playlist, Indiewire

“Like Hamburger’s meta-hacky comedy routine, the film confronts and challenges in order to produce something increasingly rare in American cinema: an active, engaged experience.” – John Semley, Globe and Mail

“I left this barbed portrait of a cracking-up comic with more than a little respect for its fearless director, Rick Alverson, and his trusting star, Gregg Turkington. You can’t deny that they’re a match made in heaven.” – Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

“It’s a portrait of the comedy tour as odyssey of madness, a plummet into the abyss.” – A. A. Dowd, AV Club

Friday, November 20, 2015 – James White, Director Josh Mond

James White film poster IJames White (Christopher Abbott) is a troubled twenty-something trying to stay afloat in a frenzied New York City. He retreats further into a self-destructive, hedonistic lifestyle, but as his mother (Cynthia Nixon) battles a serious illness James is forced to take control of his life. As the pressure on him mounts, James must find new reserves of strength or risk imploding completely.  The directorial debut of MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE producer Josh MondJAMES WHITE, which had its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2014 where it was the winner of the “Best of Next” Audience Award, is a confident and closely observed debut that explores loss and the deep relationship between a mother and son.  Abbott’s strong central performance is aided by a stellar supporting cast featuring Cynthia Nixon (“Sex and the City”), Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi (“Comedy Bang! Bang!”), and Ron Livingston (DRINKING BUDDIES). Shot on location in New York City with an intimate visual style, JAMES WHITE follows its lead into deep, affecting places while still maintaining its fragile humanity. Director and writer Josh Mond joins us for a conversation on his deeply moving debut film.

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 Now playing at The Landmark in New York

Opens at the ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles on Friday, November 20th

**2015 Sundance Film Festival – Best of Next Audience Award Winner**

** AFI FEST 2015 WINNER **
American Independents Audience Award

“Like no movie in recent memory, the feature debut of writer-director Josh Mond is a small marvel of evenhanded empathy.” – Tim Grierson, Paste Magazine

“A viscerally acted drama whose rich visual and sonic textures intensify the plunge into the title character’s messy life”, David Rooney – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“A most assured piece of work by an artist’ Scott Foundas – VARIETY

“Writer-director Josh Mond’s feature debut is a devastating portrait of the stress of being a caregiver, particularly one so young, that’s remarkably free of sentimentality or a typical tearjerker’s cues.” Tricia Olszewski, The Wrap

Friday, November 6, 2015 – Heart of a Dog, with Director Laurie Anderson

heart-of-a-dog posterIn HEART OF A DOG, musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson’s playful, lucid and heartbreaking nonfiction feature on the life and death of her dog, Lolabelle, told in a style only this unique artist could create. Taking as a jumping off point the recent passing of her beloved terrier Lolabelle, Anderson touches on what her love for her dog means to her by processing her childhood, music, and her life as an artist. Through all of it, she draws upon her childhood experiences and political beliefs as she lovingly tries to help Lolabelle’s spirit face the tribulations it will experience immediately after death (as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead). Aided by a beautiful use of her own compositions, animation and 8 millimeter film from her family archive, Anderson creates a gorgeous, heartbreaking tapestry on love and loss – reminding us that every love story is a ghost story. Director Laurie Anderson joins us to talk about spirit and intention of Heart of a Dog, her thoughtful, funny and beautiful film.

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Director Laurie Anderson will be doing a Q&A for the 7:30 PM screening on Heart of a Dog on Friday, November 6

Laurie Anderson’s soundtrack for HEART OF A DOG is available at:

“Wildly innovative but also quiet and modestly scaled. A philosophically astute, emotional meditation on death, love, art and dogs.” – A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“A dog is at the heart of this film, but there’s room for all manner of extraordinary insights about finding love and giving love, being canine and being human.” – Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

“Exceptionally potent. I could write a whole essay about the way Anderson uses her light, scintillating voice in this movie. Her incredible control of the artistic arsenal this medium provides her with-images, music, sound, language-enable her to construct a work that’s both highly intellectually engaging and provocative and also emotionally wrecking.”  – Glenn Kenny,

Friday, November 6, 2015 – Welcome to Leith with Co-Directors Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker

Welcome to Leith  film posterLeith, North Dakota, is a ghost town with 24 residents. Its inhabitants are mostly farmers or ranchers, working land passed down from generation to generation. In 2012, an outsider named Craig Cobb moved in and started buying up property. He accumulated twelve plots of land, some empty, some with houses in various states of disrepair. People assumed he’d moved in to be close to the Bakken oil fields some 70 miles north. It turns out he is also a notorious white supremacist who was plotting a takeover of the city government in Leith. Shortly after his plans were unveiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a family of fellow white supremacists moved in to join his efforts. As Cobb’s behavior became more threatening, tensions soared, and the residents desperately looked for ways to expel their unwanted neighbor. With incredible access to both long time residents of Leith and white supremacists, the film examines a small community in the plains struggling for sovereignty against an extremist vision. That it takes place in the shadow of the biggest oil boom in North Dakota’s history makes Welcome to Leith a complex document exploring unforeseen causes and effects. Co-directors Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker join us for a conversation their remarkably even handed film on how a tight-knit community deals with their new neighbors and just how much discord and out-right hatred people are willing to accept.

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Welcome to Leith opens in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s Music Hall.

“A gripping you-are-there portrait of a community under siege… as engrossing as a fictional thriller.” 
- Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Fascinating, unnerving. The interviews are rich and disturbing.” – Diana Clarke, The Village Voice

“Must See. Filled with gripping showdowns and sinister agendas, the movie builds its unsettling power by depicting the struggle from both perspectives. While the delineation between good and evil holds strong, ‘Welcome to Leith’ is also creepily even-handed.” – Zack Sharf, Indiewire

“Presents a chilling ‘it could happen here’ scenario…” - David Fear, Rolling Stone

“[This] real horror story… brings new life to old news stories.” – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

For its eerie sense of timeliness and excellent storytelling, ‘Welcome to Leith’ is one of the must-watch documentaries of 2015.” Paste Magazine

Friday, October 30, 2015 – The Russian Woodpecker – Director Chad Gracia

The Russian Woodpecker film poster 

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One of the most buzzed about documentaries of the year, Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, THE RUSSIAN WOODPECKER is told through the perspective of Fedor Alexandrovich, who was four years old in 1986, when he was exposed to the toxic effects of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and forced to leave his home. Now 33, he is an artist in Ukraine, with radioactive strontium in his bones and a singular obsession with this earth-changing catastrophe. His investigation begins with a question: What really happened?  Was there more to the story than the Soviet government let on? And, most importantly, what is the enormous steel structure now rotting away a few miles from the disaster site: a towering Cold War weapon nicknamed “the Russian Woodpecker” for the clicking sound it emitted, interrupting radio frequencies around the world? Director Chad Gracia stops by to talk about Fedor, conspiracy, consequences as told through his inventive and intriguing documentary.

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THE RUSSIAN WOODPECKER is available on Amazon Instant Video, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Google Play, iTunes, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, Vudu, and Xbox.

THE RUSSIAN WOODPECKER opens in Los Angeles on Friday October 30 at the Laemmle Music Hall, , 9036 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

Russian Woodpecker Awards:


BIOGRAFILM FESTIVAL 2015 – WINNER- HERA AWARD- Best Debut Film – WINNER- LIFE TALES AWARD- International Competition

DOCAVIV FILM FESTIVAL 2015 – NOMINEE- Best International Film

MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL INT’L FILM FESTIVAL 2015 – WINNER-Special Jury Prize- Documentary Competition

MONTCLAIR FILM FESTIVAL 2015 – WINNER- Bruce Sinofsky Prize for Documentary Feature

The Russian Woodpecker is very much like Fedor himself — eccentric as hell, smart as a whip, and, at the end of the day, a heartbreaker.

An endlessly fascinating and sharply bizarre documentary … mysterious, intense and altogether prophetic…

The Russian Woodpecker often plays like a Kubrick take on some awful situation — like Clockwork Orange or Dr. Strangelove. The assemblage of real time search and archival footage is a wonder to behold.

 Vibrating with a reckless creative urgency, The Russian Woodpecker is a call for political integrity lost long ago.

Friday, October 30, 2015 – Frame by Frame, Co-Director Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli

Frame by Frame film poster I FRAME BY FRAME, daring and tenacious film shot entirely in Afghanistan, gives the audiences a glimpse of life in Afghanistan through an intimate lens.  When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, taking a photo was a crime. After the regime fell from power in 2001, a fledgling free press emerged and a photography revolution was born. Now, as foreign troops and media withdraw, Afghanistan is left to stand on its own, and so are its journalists. Set in a modern Afghanistan bursting with color and character, FRAME BY FRAME follows four Afghan photojournalists as they navigate an emerging and dangerous media landscape – reframing Afghanistan for the world, and for themselves. Through cinema vérité, intimate interviews, powerful photojournalism, and never-before-seen archival footage shot in secret during the Taliban regime, the film connects audiences with four humans in the pursuit of the truth.  FRAME BY FRAME, a film by Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli is one of the must-see documentaries of the year. Both directors, Bombach and Scarpelli joins us for a conversation on the challenges and rewards of being on the frontlines of the battle for Afghanistan’s future.

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Frame by Frame will be screening in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 PM, 3470 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 980
Los Angeles | 213-232-1660

 and Thursday, October 29 at 7:00 PM, The Museum of Tolerance, Simon Wiesenthal Plaza, 9786 West Pico Blvd (southeast corner of Pico Boulevard and Roxbury Drive), Los Angeles | 310-553-8403

and Friday, November 6 – 13 at the Laemmle Music Hall – 9036 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills

“Astonishing” — Slant

“Sensitive” — Filmmaker Magazine

“FRAME BY FRAME is a bracing tribute to the power of photojournalism…  And like the four photojournalists, they have an eye for beauty as well as a nose for news, capturing scenes of unexpected lightness: an open-air pop concert, a paddle boat ride on a glass-smooth lake. FRAME BY FRAME is a work of profound immediacy, in sync with the photographers’ commitment and hope.” — The Hollywood Reporter

“An indispensable visual history… As the camera follows the quartet in their daily lives, and as they share stories from their past — the very stories that inform their gaze and shape their voice — a larger layered narrative emerges; that of a disrupted nation.” — TIME Lightbox

“Tenacious and brave… FRAME BY FRAME delicately interweaves the lives of four photojournalists, brazenly dedicated to exposing realities – however unsavory or taboo – while navigating the residual chilling effect of government suppression. — The Austin Chronicle

“[The film] pays tribute to the power of the still photographic image and its ability to change perceptions.” — BBC Culture 

Friday, October 30,2015 – The Armor of Light, Director Abigail Disney

The Armor of Light film poster 

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THE ARMOR OF LIGHT tracks Reverend Rob Schenck, an anti-abortion activist and fixture on the political far right, who breaks orthodoxy by taking on his political allies and the NRA when questioning whether being pro-gun is consistent with being pro-life. Rev. Schenck is shocked by the reactions of his long-time friends who warn him away from this complex, politically explosive issue. Along the way, Rev. Schenck meets Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis – an unarmed teenager who was murdered in Florida whose story cast a nationwide spotlight on the “Stand Your Ground” laws. Lucy is on a difficult journey of her own, trying to make sense of her devastating loss while using her grief to effect some kind of viable and effective political action, and she decides to work with Schenck even though she is pro-choice. THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows these unlikely allies through their trials of conscience, heartbreak and rejection as they bravely attempt to make others consider America’s gun culture through a moral lens. Director and Executive Producer Abigail Disney joins us for a conversation about courage, a fractured political culture and whether it is possible for people to find common ground.

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Opens in Southern California on October 30 at the Arclight Theatre, 6360 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles – Laemmle Monica, and the AMC Ontario Mills 30 – 4549 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA

“Emerges as a thoughtful and moving portrait of a man who has risked his status and career to publicly fight for his convictions. Watching him agonize over his decision—at one point he admits to fearing for his life—makes for compelling real-life drama.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Impressive work, especially considering this is her first project.” – Indiewire

“Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” If you are not yet blind, you might want to holster your weapon and see this movie.” – Bashmovies

“ ‘So we need Jesus, the gospel, and a sidearm, right?” (…) That question is raised in a very calm manner, which doesn’t make it any less unsettling.” – Twitch

(T)error, Co-director David Felix Sutcliffe (Lyric R. Cabral)

(T)error Film Poster 4 

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(T)ERROR, the groundbreaking new documentary directed by Lyric R. Cabral and David Felix Sutcliffe, is the winner of the 2015 Sundance Special Jury Prize for Break Out First Feature, (T)ERROR is the first documentary to place filmmakers on the ground during an active FBI counterterrorism sting operation. The film is executive produced by Eugene Jarecki (The House I Live In, Why We Fight) and Nick Fraser (Man on Wire, Pussy Riot). In an effort to prevent domestic attacks, undercover FBI informants are nurturing relationships with suspected terrorists around the country. Saeed “Shariff” Torres, a Harlem-raised, 63-year-old former black revolutionary, has worked as an FBI counterterrorism informant for more than 20 years. Shot over two years and with astonishing access, (T)ERROR follows Shariff in his attempt to befriend a suspected Taliban sympathizer and build a fraudulent case against him. Through his perspective, viewers get an unfettered glimpse of the government’s counterterrorism tactics and the murky justifications behind them. Taut, stark and controversial, (T)ERROR illuminates the fragile relationships between individual and surveillance state in modern America, and asks who is watching the watchers? Co-director Sutcliffe talks about the multi-faceted dimensions of their illuminating film.

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“One of the best documentaries of 2015.”- Aleksandr Gorbachev, NEWSWEEK

“(T)ERROR is one of the most riveting documentaries of the year.” – Rodrigo Perez, THE PLAYLIST

“A farce and a political drama rolled into one…GRIPPING…goes from being a tense procedural and absorbing character study to an astonishing, real-life satire about the surveillance state. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.” – Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine’s

“A stunning, infuriating indictment of the…war on terror.” – Robert Greene, SIGHT & SOUND MAGAZINE

A Wonderful Cloud, Director Eugene Kotlyarenko

Wonderful Cloud poster 

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When Katelyn (Kate Lyn Sheil, “House of Cards”) travels to Los Angeles in hopes of wresting control of a clothing company from her ex, Eugene (Eugene Kotlyarenko), she quickly realizes he has more than just business in mind. Unable to deny their emotional past, the pair spend the weekend trying to determine once and for all whether they have a future in store. Set in an LA full of eccentrics, this raw romantic comedy finds a former off-screen couple energetically playing out their real-world baggage in front of the camera, for laughs and tears. Director / writer Eugene Kotlyarenko joins us to talk about his subversively entertaining film.

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“Those seeking a raucous, wholly improvised 21st-century ‘Annie Hall’ need look no further.”

“Those seeking a 21st-century ‘Annie Hall’ need look no farther” – Variety

“Hilarious” – Indiewire

“Devastatingly relatable” – Filmmaker

Off the Menu, Asian America, Director Grace Lee

Off the Menu v1 

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What exactly does food reflect about Asian Pacific Americans? Off the Menu: Asian America grapples with how family, tradition, faith, and geography shape our relationship to food. The program takes audiences on a journey from Texas to New York and from Wisconsin to Hawaii using our obsession with food as a launching point to delve into a wealth of stories, traditions, and unexpected characters that help nourish this nation of immigrants. Off the Menu is a road trip into the kitchens, factories, temples and farms of Asian Pacific America that explores how our relationship to food reflects Asian American’s evolving community. The feature documentary is a one-hour PBS primetime special by award-winning filmmaker Grace Lee (American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs) co-produced by the Center for Asian American Media and KQED, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Director and writer Grace Lee joins us for a conversation on food, cultural perceptions and the growing recognition of what it means to be an Asian-American.

For news and updates on the work of Grace Lee Off the Menu go to: CAAMedia and

Off the Menu: Asian America premieres nationally on PBS December 8, 2015. (Check local listings).