How To Please A Woman – Director Renée Webster

Gina (Sally Phillips) is turning fifty and not feeling fabulous. When she is dismissed from her role in a liquidation company, she knows future job prospects for someone her age are slim. Gina despairs of what her future might hold. In this beguiling, sweet hearted comedy, HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN, Gina is taken by surprise when for her fiftieth birthday a male sex worker, a gift sent by her girlfriends, offers to do anything she wants. She asks him to do for her what no one else will – she has him clean her house. Amused and delighted, her friends wish for a sexy cleaner themselves, sparking a new career for Gina who decides to employ the entire male removals team as house cleaners…with benefits. Written and directed by Renée Webster, and starring Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’s Diary, VEEP). HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN is a precarious, often hilarious and revealing journey into the vulnerable world of what women really want and how hard it can be to get it right.


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HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN will open in Los Angeles at Laemmle Monica, as well as in Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Santa Barbara and other cities on July 22. HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN will be available on VOD beginning July 29, 2022.

Director’s Statement – I wanted to make a film that would come roaring out of left field and aim at your heart. I also wanted to really find meaningful ways to explore one of our themes of female sexual empowerment. There is a lot of sexual content in the film, but I don’t sexualize the visual representation of women. Instead, we honor what women look like, and I give sexual stories to women in that huge, under explored area of those ‘no longer young, and not yet old.’ – Renée Webster

About the filmmaker – As both Writer and Director Renée Webster is known for her ability to emotionally reach her audience, across a range of genres and formats. Renée was nominated for a 2020 ADG award for her directing on THE HEIGHTS. Renée’s short film SCOFF secured awards and festival screenings world-wide, including Berlin Asia Pacific Film Fest (Berlin), LA Short Shorts Film Festival, Hampton Film Festival (New York), High Falls (New York), Female Eye Toronto Film Festival and All Time Best Shorts, London Australian Film Festival. Her second short film EDGAR AND ELIZABETH garnered awards and festival screenings including: World of Comedy Film Festival (Toronto), Short Shorts (Tokyo), St Louis International Film Festival (USA), Moondance International Film Festival (USA – Most Popular Film list), Rochester International Film Festival (Best of the Fest), Rushes Soho Shorts UK and Brisbane International Film Festival (Top 5 Most Popular Films).


“This is a rare film that makes you feel lighter, fresher, and fully revitalised after watching it. It’s the kind of film that you want to spend hours talking with your friends about, reminiscing about how you could relate to what you’ve just seen.” – Andrew F. Peirce, The Curb

“It’s a relatable film that touches on many of the frustrations that plague a generation of women who have been made to feel invisible.” –  Wenlei Ma,

“Most definitely not for the prudish or faint-hearted, How to Please a Woman is a raucous, if slightly ragged tale.” – James Croot,

“Its candour is engaging and so, too, is the camaraderie between Gina and her pals, male and female.” – Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

“This is a surprisingly sensitive (considering the set-up could have come from a 70s sex comedy) look at what it is that women want, and it turns out it’s a man who’s good at cleaning and good in bed” – Anthony Morris, It’s Better in the Dark