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Director Joanna Lipper elegantly explores past and present as she tells the remarkable story of Hafsat Abiola, daughter of human rights heroine Kudirat Abiola, and Nigeria’s President-elect M.K.O. Abiola, who won a historic vote in 1993 that promised to end years of military dictatorship. Shortly after the election M.K.O. Abiola’s victory was annulled and he was arrested. While he was imprisoned, his wife Kudirat took over leadership of the pro-democracy movement, organizing strikes and rallies, winning international attention for the Nigerian struggle against human rights violations perpetrated by the military dictatorship. Because of this work, she too became a target and was assassinated in 1996. In this riveting political thriller, the Abiola family’s intimate story unfolds against the epic backdrop of Nigeria’s evolution from independence in 1960 – through the Biafra War, subsequent military dictatorships and the tumultuous transition to civilian rule – through present day as Hafsat continues to face the challenge of transforming a corrupt culture of governance into a democracy capable of serving Nigeria’s most marginalized population: women. Director Lipper joins us to talk about the price that the Abiola family has paid in their collective effort to help the country and the people they love.

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“The Supreme Price is a deeply profound and beautiful experience, and an integral film to watch.”  – Indiewire

“The Supreme Price’ is a Door to Africa’s Recent History.” – The New York Times

“The Supreme Price may sound like a metaphorical title, but after seeing this strong, forthright documentary, you’ll understand it’s the literal truth.” – Los Angeles Times

“Excellent…  Lean, lucid… No hashtag activist, Lipper does an excellent job of using her film as a vehicle for the voices and concerns of Nigerians, and especially of Nigerian women, who are traditionally expected to stay at home while men operate in the public sphere.” – Village Voice and LA Weekly Critics Pick

“A critically acclaimed new documentary, The Supreme Price, tells the story of the Abiola family, which battled for gender equality and democracy in a nation where both have been repressed for decades.”  -The Independent

Some of the best documentaries tell inspiring stories of people overcoming the unthinkable…  With an uptick in kidnappings and killings, the situation in Nigeria is looking bleak. How exactly did the country get to such a state? Joanna Lipper’s film looks at the pro-democracy movement in the corrupt African nation but also gives a helpful tutorial on Nigerian politics.” – The Washington Post

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