Under Our Skin 2: Emergence, Director Andy Abrahams Wilson

Under Our Skin 2 film poster II 

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In this dramatic follow-up to the widely acclaimed UNDER OUR SKIN, EMERGENCE takes the viewer on a journey from horror to hope. We witness the emerging epidemic of Lyme disease as infection and education spread globally. We watch as the truth emerges about the disease’s persistence and reach, about promising new research, and about medical collusion and conflicts of interest that continue to impede progress. We revisit the characters from UNDER OUR SKIN as they emerge into better health, reclaiming their lives and dignity, and offering hope to the legions now suffering. As Lyme disease explodes, EMERGENCE shines a probing light on the issue and becomes a beacon in the dark. Producer /Director/ Cinematographer
 Andy Abrahams Wilson talks about the continuing resistance from the medical establishment, an expanding level of research into the various manifestations of Lyme disease and the hopeful new therapies that are helping thousands of people live happier and healthier lives.

For news and updates on Under Our Skin 2: Emergence go to: underourskin.com/ – home-emergence

“Heart-rending…scary enough to make the faint of heart decide never to venture into the woods. – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Fascinating…artful and compelling.” – Frank DiGiacomo, Vanity Fair

“Eye-opening…frightening, powerful stuff.” – Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“Head-spinning…riveting…a rigorously researched and highly thorough piece of investigative reporting.” – Lauren Wissot, Slant Magazine

“Stirs the deepest emotions and reveals the most unsettling truth.” – Justin Berton, San Francisco Chronicle

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